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    If The Foundation Is faulty It will Not Stand The Test Of Time.


      Hello welcome to a brand new week, how was your weekend?. It’s very important we started this week discussing some issues which are Vital to our relationships especially for those who just got an Engagement ring, those waiting to get theirs and some who are about to sign the life-long contract (wedding).  This Post is aimed at addressing certain vital issues which are likely to cause future Hurts ,regrets, rejection,  demoralization and total devastation in marriage which in turn may lead to committing suicide.
       Find out, ask question, do all you can to discover the real reason behind his/her loving you, and if the Reason/s are any of the following, you may want to give it a second thought;
1. BEAUTY: yes, you are so beautiful today and you are so happy he loves you because of your Beauty, danger looms ahead because the beauty will surely fade one day, what then will sustain the marriage?.  A true life story, Mike got married to this Beautiful and captivating lady (Cindy),  after the wedding Cindy got to know that her husband had loved and married her because of her Breast, he can’t do without it, he plays, feeds, sleeps and woke up each day on her breast, to the point of denying his kids their mothers breast milk. One day  the unexpected happen, she had been diagnosed of breast cancer and had to undergo a surgery which would have one of her breast chopped off (mike did all he could to save the most precious thing to him in the body of his wife, but all his effort proved abortive).   To cut the long story short, Mike told  Cindy he can not stay with her any longer because he got married to her breast and since the breast is gone ,the beauty has diminished, the love is gone and the marriage was over, Cindy was so devastated even after all the intervention and pleading from friends and family  Mike never changed his decision.
    To avoid this kind of ending, please “Know The Mind of Your Man”!

2. SHAPE: If you loose your shape to over weight, accident or any other unforeseen circumstances you loose your husband, your love.

3. DRESSING AND CLASSY: Pregnancy, child birth and nurturing could affect your dress sense and classy looks negatively then what happens?.
   And many more e.g, Cooking, hard working ( in the area of domestic activities) etc. Just be sure these things are not the basis for loving or wanting to marry you. Note: what sustains marriage is not the OUTWARD looks and beauty rather it is the INNER beauty which NEVER fades.
   Enjoy your relationship, have a fulfilled marital life.

Part 2 and for for GUYS coming up soon…

I wish you LOVE.

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