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Preparing For The First Date

Your First In Person Meeting and How to

Make the Most of It.

If you’ve dated with someone after an online start,
you know the first time you meet may very well be
the last time. And, sometimes, this is a good thing. But
other times, you’ll have wished things had gone a little
better. As you prepare for your first in person meeting, here
are some tips to make the most of the first meeting
Dating Appearance Do’s and Don’ts
1. Don’t wear anything super fancy, dressy or baggy. Try and look casual, but like you cared enough to
wear something flattering, clean and appropriate.
2. Perform a basic hygiene check. Are your nails ragged and dirty? (I don’t care what your profession,
there’s no excuse for dirty nails.) Do you have
dandruff on your shirt? Have you checked your
breath? And lastly, about the body odor. Remember,
you may be used to you, and your friends may be
used to you, but this person has never met you before. Little cues are going to mean a lot, especially if
you really like this person and want to see them

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