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 Hello everybody, how are you today?. Let’s talk.
      It has been observed that most guys are not ready to talk about marriage, they just want to keep on enjoying the relationship but not ready to take it further. Here are likely Reasons, so we Advice you take out time to identify that of your man.

1. The Lady is yet to submit or bend low a little bit, your guy maybe waiting for you to give him the assurance that he will Remain the Man when you get married. Most ladies are not giving their man enough listening ears. Ladies Adjust Here.

 2. Extravagance, Materialism and Too you Partying . This is the Anthem of most ladies and most guys are not comfortable with this, YES, He is enjoying it with you Now, he commend you, but you may also want to know that He WISHES you cut off most of these excesses for him to Propose. Ladies, ask your man today, ” Do you think am so extravagant?” or you may also want to ask your self this question First. He probably may be thinking, what happens when am no longer able to Afford all her demands?.

3. Separate Views, if you are yet to agree with the future plans of your man, or you don’t seem to have interest on his Dreams and Visions then it’s your fault he’s yet to propose.

 4. Over Weight; if he observe you are adding weight almost everyday, he may not like it. Most guys don’t want their woman grow too fat, they want you to maintain your shape.

5. Finance;  money is possibly the major reason most Guys are not making the desired moves. Ladies you have a great role to play here, you need to talk to your man about this, if you observe money is the challenge in your own relationship, then you have to talk fear out of him. Let him know you will be there for and with him all the way, if you love him so much and you are sure he loves you too and you trust him also, then you may want to let him into you Bank account status ( this is if you have enough money in your bank account, but only reveal not more 60% to him, please be careful with this. DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY MONEY UNTIL HE STARTED WITH HIS FIRST, just promise him certain amount for the Traditional or white wedding ), you may also assure him that your family will surely support and sponsor you both ( most guys will love to hear this), finally, if he is a business man, Join him in his business, encourage him, support,Advice etc, just get involved because in so doing you will arrest all his fears.

/ If you need further advice on how to go about this, do not hesitate to write us or comment under this post.

         I love you all.

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