Wife Battering or Cheating Husband?


What on earth will make a man raise a finger on his wife?.

For a very long time now i have always seen a man hit his wife only on Movies, but yesterday i saw it happen live.

I never knew that men also NAG. Yesterday i saw a neighbor hit his wife severally.

The fight actually started with words from their business place, the woman left there for home, yet the man followed her home immediatly. His mouth never got shut-up until it resulted into a fight.

Now i ask, Ladies, will you like to marry a man that will beat you up???.

I over heard some women argue over this issue, that gave birth to the question above. Here is what they were saying…

A. One said it’s better for her husband to batter her than for him to CHEAT on her.

B. The other said he can do both to her (beat and cheat on her) as long as he provides her with all the money she needed to take good care of herself.

C. While the last one prefer he never touched her. He can cheat and keep his money, but let him not raise a finger on me.


Ladies, which option do you buy?

1. Let him hit me but not cheat on me?

2. He should beat me, cheat on me but never turn me down when i ask for money?

3. He never dares touch me, let him do away with his money and concubines.?

Guys, which will you rather be?

1. A wife Battering Husband

2. A cheating Husband

3. None responsible Husband (a man who doesn’t provide for his wife’s needs)???

Every man has one or all of this fault, WHY?

If none is found in you as a man, it simply means that THE SPIRIT OF GOD LIVES AND DWELLS IN YOU.

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