Destroy the Power of late marriage through Prayer

What is Late Marriage?.

To a Lady, late marriage could mean not being able to find a suitor(husband) after 25years of age. And to a man it could be 35years and above without a wife.

A lot of things could be responsible for late marriage, eg. Curses, Evil covenant ,Personal standard, Bad character, Ignorance and many more. It could also be as a result of your past Sinful life style.

Here are few prayer points that can help you overcome the power of late marriage, from the book BREAKTHROUGH PRAYERS FOR SINGLES, writen by Bisi Adewale.

Before you go ahead to pray, i want you to go down on your kneels now and ask God to forgive you of all your past sins and ignorance.
Then Say this Prayers

1. Lord i bless you because i will soon be happily married.
2. Lord make known to me the secret of my inner life.
3. I refuse to marry a man/lady mearnt for another man/lady.
4. I cancel every curse that is working against my life in Jesus name.
5. I destroy all evil covenants working against my marriage in Jesus name.
6. Father, cut every link between me and spiritual husband/wife in the name of Jesus.
7. Oh lord! Magnet me to my partner now in Jesus name.
8. Every veil blocking the path of my partner from locating me, die by fire in Jesus name.
9. Every evil veil that has been covering my face, be removed by fire in Jesus name.
10. Every cloud blocking the sunlight of my glory and breakthrough be removed in Jesus name.
11. Let the demonic ugliness placed upon me, turn to the beauty of God in Jesus name.
12. Every evil mark of my sinful past, be removed by the blood of Jesus.
13. Let the blood of Jesus destroy every right of the enemy over me, to frustrate my plan of getting married in Jesus name.
14. Father, break every bondage of inherited marital confusion and delay in the name of Jesus.
15. Let God arise! And let every enemy of my marital breakthrough die in Jesus name.
16. Everything that makes me look older than my age, be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus.
17. Every hand that is holding back my divine partner, be cut-off now , release my partner in Jesus name.

To be continued….
If you have said all the prayer points above with all seriousness and faith, congratulations! Your marriage is next in line.

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