Love Is Foolish?


If you claim to be in love with someone and no one calls you a fool,
you are yet to love.

Love makes you appear to be foolish yet you are aware of what people
think and say but you are neither deterred.

Love is not all about kissing, caressing, sex , and other romantic
expressions. #Love is not money, gift, Sms, and constant/regular phone
calls. Love is about building Relationship, fellowship,
companionship, exchange of great
 and positive ideas, correction, encouragement and support.

If you are
lacking in the area of spiritual activities (prayers) your partner
should be able to lift you up in that area. you
 both come together to share ideas for business, carrier, future and to
inspire each other positively.

Your partner should also be able to correct you in love
(helping you get rid of some unhealthy lifestyle and act,
e.g over sleeping, smoking, alcoholism and other ugly acts).


1. That man whose job is not too demanding, who decided to sit down at
home, because the wife’s job is too demanding. He takes care of the
kids, do the dish, cooking, laundry and other house chores, all
without complains .

2. The woman whose friend came to her house to report of her husbands’
infidelity. She show the woman the picture she took of the man kissing
a lady in a hotel that same day, the woman told her that she was going
to bath her husband with acid the moment he arrive home.

She (the lady) went ahead to tell the woman that if it were to be her,
she will poison the man straight away because he doesn’t deserve to be
alive and as the discussion was going on, the man arrived.

At the sighting of her husband ,the woman got up, ran towards the
husband to welcome him with a sunshine-like smile, collected his
briefcase, took off his jacket and gave him a passionate welcome
kissing (the kind of kissing that can signal the kick-off of a
football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, you know what i mean,
or don’t you?) which lasted for about five minutes, in the presence of
the reporter(the lady).

Later she ushered him to the shower and when the woman came out to the
living room again, the lady asked “what was all that rubbish for?” then
the woman replied “am just giving him the last kiss he will ever get
alive” and nodded to it with joy.

The lady left expecting the news of the man’s obituary the next but it
never happened because the woman served her husband his meal the way
she should, without nagging or any form of arguments or quarrels. It
happened that after everything in the middle of the night , she woke
him up, ask him if he truly loves her…. and show him the pictures.

The man was amazed and the first question he ask his wife was “honey,
did you poison my food?” and she replied “NO, how can i attempt to
kill the man i call my husband, the man i love so much with all my

In nutshell, the man apologized that night and repented from it completely.

My friend, this is true love, it’s a Three Fold Cord that can never be broken.


Have you found Love?.

Love also offers Support: Financially, Materially, mentally, physically,
spiritually, emotionally and other wise.

Love is a Beautiful Feeling.

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