Dangers Of Multiple Sex Partners

 R.kell, a lady and Usher


Having multiple sex partners is not a modern days way of life or something most people refer to as “western way of life” . It has been in existence since the fall of man. The bible recorded that King Solomon had a lot of concubine, and many others. The Islamic religion also encourages that, and the african culture is in full support of this also.

However, the way it was practiced in the olden days, happen not to be the same way it’s now. you may want to refer to the old way as Sex Slavery or something of that nature.

The truth remains that having multiple sex partners in the olden days is not the same as now. Then men choose women for various reasons and if you get any woman pregnant, she automatically becomes your wife.

But what do we have now?, a man gets a lady pregnant, abandon her and continue flirting. Many of them having more than 3 kids with different women. E.g. +2face Idibia of Nigeria.


A public opinion gathered from a cross section of the society, which included both the old and the young, men and women, revealed that Guys do it for FUN, while Ladies do it For GAIN.

FUN: the men that was interviewed said they simply do it for fun. It is called “sampling” in Nigeria by the youth, while the older men call it “Changing of soup”
Most men feel they derive more pleasure having sex with different ladies, of divers, colors, shapes and height.

GAIN: ladies on the other hand sees it as a way of making more money. Most of them called it “playing smart”, they said “one man can not afford all that a lady needs, hence the need to have many of them.

The funny aspect of it is that some ladies feels it’s a way of accumulating wealth, “use what you have to get exactly what you want”. And what is it that they want? Money. Sex for Money another name for prostitution.


Far above what has been seen or said to be the gains, is a lot of Dangers. Let’s consider just a few. Before i proceed with the Dangers of having multiple sex partners, i will love to tell you a shot true life story.

Her name is Julian, very beautiful and a very sophisticated lady. she took the part of playing games wih guys, since she is very beautiful and probably the dream woman of every man, she thought it was wise to deal with men.

It got to a point of her dating two good and close friends, without knowing it and the guys also wasn’t aware of it. Have you heard the song by +Rkelly and +UsherRaymond “Same Girl”? Something of that nature.

Unfortunately for her, the guys got to know about it, one invited her over to his house and the other appeared also, what happened to her that day was to be better imagined.

But where am going actually is that, Julian learnt her lessons through the sad scenario and became a changed person. Two years later she found true love in a guy called Dave, the day Dave took her home to introduced her to her family as wife to be. (african way)

The unbelievable occurred, she met Mike and Richard (the two friends she had issues with), Mike is the younger brother of Dave. Incredible!. She lost consciousness and was rushed down to the nearby health facility. “What goes around comes around” She attempted suicide later, but God intervened through her friend and saved her life, but that was the end of the relationship.

You can see some of the Dangers highlighted on the story, which includes

1. Heartbreak
2. Disappointment
3. Lost of Happiness and Joy
4. Exposure to sexual Harassment
5. Sexual Transmitted Infection
6. Un-wanted Pregnancy
7. Marriage Difficulty.

Just to mention a few, yours may be worse. Men have less consequences on this, but that is not suppose to be an applause or to encourage men to continue in it.

The truth remains that; you don’t know when your actions today will boomerang. “You may think that you are a player but you’re completely lost”. You will be caught red handed +Shaggy said so in one of his tracts “It Wasn’t Me”.

You may forever regret having Multiple sex partners, when it boomerang.

Finally, it is a SIN to have sex with someone you are not married to.

Get married and remain faithful to your Spouse.
Sex is only allowed in marriage.

God Bless You
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