Don’t Sell Your Birth-Right To Her-Men Talk

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A man ought to be the head, the home leader, Peace maker, and a priest in his own family alter.
A man should be disciplined and principled, a man ought not to talk too much, even when he is speaking, he must not talk too much because in so doing, he may let-out all his secret and it will become a problem for him and those attached to him. A man should be able to command respect in his primary consituency(home) at all time, he doesn’t have to be hostile or turn him self to a dictator to achieve this.


1. Never Exchange Words (mouth fight) with a woman,Lady or a girl in the public (including your wife or Fiance).

2. Do not Fight in the Public with any one, including your wife or girl friend.

3. Avoid unnecessary alcohol consumption. If you drink and misbehave, you have insulted yourself before your woman, and she may follow suit. Avoid it.
4. Do not make empty promises to people when your woman is around, especially via phone call. If you do, she will never believe any of your excuses, and genuine reasons any time you fail to fulfill your promise to her (“na so you de always talk”).

5. Do not ask your girl friend, wife or children to tell lies on your behalf, you are only telling them that you can not be trusted (you are simply a liar).

6. Do not allow your woman to understand that you are out of ideas (you don’t know what to do next) this is very important to take note of. Yes you should seek her support, contribution and advice at all times but never surrender before her, always make her believe that you are in charge. ( women do not like to follow a man who doesn’t know the way) make her believe that you lack no direction, inspiration and determination to forge ahead.

7. Never tell your woman “i was only kidding then, i don’t mean it” ( na shakara i dey do that time, i no mean am) .
This is the main reason am writing this article. Maybe you had a misunderstanding with your woman, she offended you….. she tries to beg you for forgiveness, and maybe she has repeatedly committed the same offence in several occasions and you decided you will make her realize her self this time around. She uses all available means to get you to forgive her to no avail, and finally you pardon her and accept her back

It is possible that you never wanted to allow it linger for long, it is also possible that you are just having fun with all her plea and blah blah blah…but you must never allow that procceed out of your lips after the fight.
You must not in any way and at any time (including when having fun together) tell her that “i was joking then” , “do you think i was serious about it”?…….. If you do this, you have succeeded in selling your birth right as a man to her. Tnis means that each time something of that nature repeated itself, she will not bother to beg you or to cry to have issues settled, that could mean insult to you and in the long run tear apart the relationship.

Be the man you have been created to be, respect your self as a man and always be in charge. (God never runs out on ideas, and you too should not)
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