How To, Honeymoon In Marriage Forever

Can Honeymoon Last Forever In Marriage?.

Happy Couples
This is one vital question i will love to ask couples. The issue of
maintaining a honeymoon mood for a life time depends on the couples
To enjoy honeymoon in your marriage long after your wedding or even
forever is a choice. Yes, a choice to be made not a wish. If truly
it’s a choice, How and When do we make this choice?
 Just as i have said earlier, you can not wish it to be, it’s a choice
you must make and do all you can to see that it’s achieved.
    I must confess this is not an easy choice to be made, it’s a
decision that goes along with a lot of sacrifices, Yes, for this to
work, you both has got to sacrifice a lot.
   May i also remind you that this also requires a lot of Prayer and
the full backing of a great determination.
Honeymoon Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually, is
something that every sensible individual who intend getting married
some day and being happy forever, must dream, fast and pray for.

    YES! IT CAN.

1. Through confession: it is said that “what you say is who you are
so “where you are today is as a result of what you said yesterday”,
so, keep on saying it.

2. Commitment: do all within your power to see it work, say to your
self “this has got to work out”.
3. Determination: put in more effort, down any anti progress on the
way to it’s success.
4. Sacrifices (1Peter.3): this includes 
(a) Patience, learn to be
patient with your spouse, he/she will definitely require some time to
get adjusted to your ways of doing things or lifestyle. 
(b) Tolerance,
you must learn to tolerate your partner, knowing that you both are not
from the same mother, even siblings do have a lot of
(c)Endurance, endure,endure,endure is just the key here,
no matter what he/she says or does to you, endure without complains.
(d) Humility (Ephesians.5:22-33), refer to our earlier post “Apology the Key To a Successful Relationship” for more on this. (e)
Forgiveness: forgive in the morning, at noon and night, each time your
spouse says “Am Sorry” even when he/she fails to say, forgive. and 
(f) Understanding, please try to study and understand the person you want
to get married to and the person you just got married to because, they
might be a different persons entirely, this is very important.
5. Prayer: fast and pray each day to God for this to come true.
Matthew.7:7 supports this.


Personally: From the very day you knew what marriage is all about,
when you want to go into any relationship,
Both: when you want to go into courtship, when asking and accepting to
marry, immediately after the wedding and every day in your
marriage(it’s a continuous thing)


INTIMACY: with God and your Spouse. regular tender and satisfying sex
practices is the fueling factor while God is your shock absorber and
backup battery.

If you can imagine HONEYMOON forever in your marriage, confess it,
work for it and with prayers(Philippians.4:6) you can achieve it.

All things are Possible with God (Philippians.4.13). This is the plan
of God concerning your marriage(Jeremiah.29:11).

Enjoy your Honeymoon experience forever, Till Death do you part. Amen.

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