Invest Your All For Your Relationship Success

How Much Have You Invested In Your Relationship?
Your Relationship is as good as it’s Output, and this output is controlled and highly influenced by your Input
Are you enjoying your Marriage/Relationship Or are you enduring it? , are you proud of your partner and your relationship, can people look up to your marriage/Relationship?. All this and more are the things that determines the level of success in your relationship.
1. How Much of your Time have you invested to your relationship? 2. How much of your Energey 3. How much of your Prayers 4. How much of your support to your partner 5. How much Advice and Good, Positive suggestions? 6. How much of words of encouragement (don’t worry dear, you can still come out of this your present challenges a better and stronger person)? 7. How much of your money have you invested to buying Books, Audios and Videos of Relationship messages and counselling from experts
It may also interest you to note that, the saying “what you sow is what you reap” also applys to your relationship. What you Put-In, is actually what you will Get-Out, very simple. And your relationship is also what you said it is
If all you do is to, criticise, insult and castigate your partner, then a failed relationship, full of misery, discomfort and pains is what you will get i returns. If yours is to see the Bad and Negative part of your partner all the time, so be it. You can never get to see or appreciate the good part of such fellow, and that equals to a failed relationship
Some people even go to the extent of tagging their partner and Relationship a Failure, even when it’s obvious they still want to keep such person. Will you be happy to hear from your friends or some other persons that your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband called you a failure?. (don’t do to him/her what you will not want him/her to do to you. ) Do not sow a seed you will not want to harvest of it’s fruit.
Learn to accept, encourage, advice, support, and speak good of your partner at all times. Pray for him/her always, asking God to effect the desired changes in them. “Do not despise the Little beginning” , invest all you’ve got to achieve success in your marriage/relationship.
Do not talk your Partner down and Do not Kill your Relationship with the words of your mouth. Remember , YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS NOT FAILED or DEAD UNTILL YOU SAID SO.
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