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12 Vital Questions To Ask Yourself B4 “Yes I Will Marry You”

A Single handsome
“Will You Marry Me”? Is probably the best and greatest news any matured single lady wants to receive. At the same time it’s imperative you consider these VITAL 12 Points before jumping up to grab his proposal.

You can always ask for some time to think about it you know. It’s better to take your time, think about it and decide if you really want to say Yes.

Here are the 12 important Questions to provide answers to b4 “Yes I do”
1. Is this the real man for me?.
2. Is there no better option (the reason you must ask and assure yourself that there is no option to him, is to avoid cheating on him in marriage). If there is, please take your time to consider all options before making your final decision.

3. Is he truly ready to settle down and with me?. (most guys want to get married coz of peer or family presure, such guy can not be very responsible)It must be his own un-influenced decision to get married.

4. Is he truly matured?. Marriage is for two matured adults not for kids of mama boy. When i said Matured it doesn’t really matter if he’s 35 or even more. He must be able to take Wise decisions on his own.

5. Is he my confidant. Can i trust him to the point of telling him all my past mistakes, ugly medical condition and deep secret before our wedding and expect him to accommodate it all and still continue with the wedding plans?.

6. Does he fear God? If he is not God fearing and actively working for God, he may not be the ideal man for you (no matter the religion he practices, he must respect and stick to the tenents of his faith).

7. Does he truly love, care and cherish me and do i equally love him also?
8. Will i submit to his lordship 100%?
9. Has he a great vision and can i fit in to that vison?
10. Can he lead me and our children to the promise land. Every man is naturally a leader, so he must posses some qualities of a great leader. Every woman want to go with a man who knows the way, and for this reason every man must have all it takes to lead the way.

11. Can he provide for all my needs, am i ready to accept him just the way he is financially now.(this include contentment with what ever he has and offers, without comparing him with other Guys).

12. Does his family love me, most especially his mother, did she approve of me, what about my family also?.

Ask yourself those question over and over again, till you are able to say YES to all. Better to say “NO, I WILL NOT” and save yourself from hurt and possible future heart break , than say “Yes” and live in perpetual pains and agony.

I don’t support Divorce. So be wise, take the right decision today.

keep on loving.

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