Appreciation Matters Alot In A Relationship

 The Fire Of Love

If you must get the best out of your relationship, then you must learn to appreciate every little gift and sacrifices of Love. If you are a caring friend or lover, you should be able observe little changes in your partners body and lifestyle.

For instance, if your guy changes his hair style, he expects that you should notice it and make good comment on it. Failure to do that could get him disappointed in you, especially if any other lady had noticed it and probably made good comment on it.

I don’t expect that any matured guy will be a victim of this. That is not to say that i have not been hearing such complains from few ladies around me. To be sincere with you, it hurts for a lady to make her hair, looking good and smelling good, comes around you and you fail to notice and to say something good about her hair. It kills gradually from inside out.

Come on guys, do you know how many hours it takes a lady to make a very nice looking hair style?. To some ladies it takes up to 12 solid hours of sitting, depending on the hair type and style. The heat from hair dryer, the twisting, bending and all sorts of things ladies suffer to have a good looking hair. Yet you fail to notice and appreciate it !. Come on guys: that is wickedness of the highest order.

Every woman expects her man to notice any and every little change in her body and lifestyle. she expects you to take notice of her new bracelet, wrist watch, and even the pendant on her necklace, perfume/body spray, including her Undies….

Men on the other hand expects their woman to notice little changes in the house/business pLace. You should know when his business is booming and when it’s not. He expects you to appreciate his gifts, no matter how small it may be. If you thank a man for what he has done, he will definitely do more for you.

Every one needs Love and Care, so, be that loving and Caring man or woman. Take your time to study your partner very closely, so that when ever any changes occurs, you will be the first to observe it.

1.Few days to his/her birthday.
2. Teusdays, Thursday (if he/she’s a muslim) and Saturdays(if he/she’s christian).
3. Few days to any social event you know he/she will attend.
4. Festivity period and many more.

Every day, hour, seconds and minute counts. Don’t allow her to always remind you that she just made her hair before you could notice it. You should and must be the mirror she sees through. If you allow another man to always do what is expected of you, don’t be surprised if he goes ahead to take her away from you.

The only way for me to know that you LOVE me is either bu you saying it to me I LOVE YOU or by your actions and attitude towards me.

Of what benefit is Love not expressed or shared? It surely stinks.

Keep the fire of your love burning so high.

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