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Bone Of My Bone

Beautiful Single Lady


If you don’t marry your own Rib, you may end up still searching for it. It is like something you lost and really wanted it back, anything short of the real thing can never be it.

You must marry your wife and not your girl friend, coz if you marry your girl friend, you will continue searching for your wife. But if you marry your wife, you will find a true friend, Sister and Mother in her.

Love is the principal thing in marriage, you must be very sure that you’ve found true love in her. Go for love and keep on loving. When Love depart your relationship, the relationship dies a natural death. Love is the Spirit of any marriage and when it goes out, the marriage goes down the grave.

In all these things, you must be sure you’ve heard from God. Beauty, Love and what have you, without spiritaulity is vanity. A divine approval and stamping is required to run the race.

Have You Found the Bone of your bone and Flesh of your Flesh, God is always willing and ready to put you through. Call on him.
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