Spices For A Boring Relationship

Learn To Strike A Balance In All That Concerns Your Relationship.

Are you in a boring relationship? Some relationship could be so boring, doing the same kind of things over and over again. Same way of dressing, hairstyle, discussion and love making. Goooosshhh! It sucks. No wonder most guys easily gets tired of their relationship.

Most guys are always on the look out for Fresh Hot Babes, men are abandoning their wives at home and going search of a new or different taste. Women are also not left out, most of them are also searching for Action. Ladies “nko”? They will tell you “That Guy Is Damn Too Boring For My Liking”.

1. The two parties involved are naturally boring.
2. One partner is boring and the other is afraid to speak out or decides to leave things the way they are and seek better options outside
3. Doing the same kind of things Repeatedly .e.g. Sex Style, Time, Place and same old story told in the same way and manner, over and over again. Aaahhhh! It’s killing “Joor”!
4. A master vs Servant relationship: where the man/guy is the commander in Chief while the woman/lady is the Servant/Maid (Ife Oga ati Omo’do).
5. Sorry State Relationship: where the man is always at the mercy of the woman. The man is in Sorry state, probably because he has no job, the woman is earning higher or the man is lazy. Sooo boring.

1. It can lead to Cheating and Infidelity
2. It’s one of the major causes of Multiple Sex Partners
3. Lost of appetite for your partner. (he/she will no longer feel something so special for you)
4. It could lead to a Multiple Heart break

5. The end point is usually Separation or Divorce

HOW TO SPICE UP A BORING RELATIONSHIP. Watch out For it on our Next Article.

Keep believing in Love.

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