You Brake All Love Traffic Rules When You “Fall In Love “

 Traffic Rule Of Love
“True Love can not begin until the “IN LOVE” (infatuation/ Limerance) experience has run it’s full course”.

There is nothing like “Fall In Love” in the original dictionary of Love. When you “Fall In Love” you are simply ridding on “ONE WAY” lane to destruction , on that lane, you will brake all the Love Traffic Laws and rules and speak all the Languages of Love “In Tongue”.

The worst aspect of it is, the “Blind Love Story” goes hand in hand with the “In Love” madness. Simply put it this way: you are ridding on a dangerous “ONE-WAY”, on a very high speed and with your both eyes closed. What’s gonna happen to you? You will sure “crash land” and by the time you crash, ahhhahha! Not too good story dear. You will sustain a lot of injuries, at that point your blind eyes would have swung wide open and your real senses restored.

Then you will be able to count your loses and probably begin the true journey of Love. The journey where all the Traffic rules Of Love will be observed and strictly adhered to. Then you can look back , node your head in affirmation and say “YES, I’VE FOUND TRUE LOVE”.

“We ALL WANT to Love and be Loved . When your love tank is full to the brim, then you will be able to give out even more Love “.Love someone and let someone love you too. Please DO NOT FALL IN LOVE.

Credit: Most quotes and Words here are from/by Dr. Gary Chapman.
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