7 Steps To Avoiding BreakUp When Your Relationship Is Under The Test Of Time.

Test Of Times In Relationship

How To Overcome Trying Times In Your Relationship And Remain Strong

These are the immediate actions and steps to be taken to prevent it from escalating to divorce or BreakUp

For better understanding Of this post, please read. Overcoming Trying Times In Your Relationship

1. Avoid the Blame Game: it’s not the best time to apportion blame. “you caused it” , “No it’s you, you are the cause of all this shit”….bla…bla…bla… This can’t solve the On-ground problem.

2. Avoid shouting and unnecessary arguments: shouting will only fuel the already ignited fire and thereby increasing the Heat on your relationship.

3. Beware of friends and the kind of advise they bring to the table. Many of them are probably not happy with your relationship so that avail them the opportunity to tear it apart.

4. Separation may not be healthy: “I just want to be left alone for some time to think”. It’s a time to be together, reason together and address issues together, especially when it has to do with issues of “ECHOES FROM THE PAST”(depending on the nature of your test). Even if it’s a matter of cheating. The best thing to do is hear the offending partner out first before passing your final judgement.

5. Apology: apologise when necessary and when not necessary…”Am Sorry”, “please forgive me”….

6. Forgiveness: to err, they say is human but to forgive is divine. Forgiving heart is all you need.
Note: Forgiveness is an act of Love. (It’s the nature of God, we are to follow suit)
7. Prayer: if you have the belief and understanding that prayer unlocks every key, then the need to pray in the time of trouble cannot be neglected.

The 7 points above are simple (but could be very difficult to apply) measures to help end the crisis period Quick and to ensure your relationship doesn’t End with the storm. They could help in some cases and could also fail to produce results in other cases.

The only thing that guarantees your relationship survival during it’s trying times is the strength of it’s foundation, the quality of “materials” used and the authenticity of same.

I will teach you the 7 Principles For A Relationship Foundation Formation(PRFF). Watch out for it on my subsequent posts.

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