7 Things A Short African Lady Does Not Want To Hear From Her Man

short Lady n tall Guy
Be you a black or white guy trying to date or marry an African lady that is short, never you do or say any of these to her, unless you are done with her

7 Things You Must Not Do Or Say To Short African Woman.

1. Never you refer to her as short. Yes she is short obviously and she’s not ignorant of it, but she doesn’t want you as a guy to remind her that, not at all. She expects you to probably Add 3FT to her height with your words and actions

2. Avoid making good remarks on taller ladies when she’s with you.

3. Even if you admire Angelina Jollie, Yvonne Nelson or Omotola Jaleinde, her character, physic and personality. Pretend you don’t when watching a movie she featured on with her. E.g “Wow! I love this babe, I wish I could meet her someday”

4. Never walk ahead or behind her in the mall, or when you go out for any public function/event. It makes her feel you are not proud of her.

5. Never rest your hand on her head, it makes her feel she’s too short to you or even your kid sis.

6. If you must Pick her up, you must do it in away that it doesn’t make her feel little, especially if she’s not the big type.

7. Avoid asking her to go get you something you are pretty sure her hands can’t reach often. If you do, you will succeed in making her feel you are mocking her, coz of her height.

Tips: before you do or say anything to her, ask yourself “will this make her feel short” , “will I be intimidating her with my or any other persons height if I do this”?
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