How Can Long Distance Relationship Be The Best?

Long Distance Relationship
If you still believe that Long Distance Relationship (LDR) is the best, then you’ve not found true love.

When you’ve found that special person…u will be flying without wings…u wanna stay with him/her forever, you wanna hold him/her and never to part or say goodbye.

You want to sleep on him shoulder/her laps and wake up knowing he/she’s still there.
True Love is better felt/shared..expressed physically than drama..mere say. Don’t you wanna hold your babe,(your wife/husband) play with him/her and also look into his/her eyes and say “I LOVE U BABE” daily.?

If you say Long Distance Relationship(LDR) is the best, then the Primary Purpose of Marriage(PPM), which is Companionship has been defeated.

LDR is very good, most times it helps you to build Trust and also to know how important your partner is to you. But certainly it can’t be the best kind of Relationship, as believed by most singles.
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