Pregnancy Before Wedding: Will You Agree To It?

Pregnancy Before Marriage
YOU MUST GET PREGNANT BEFORE I WILL MARRY YOU!.Hello everybody, I have a serious issue at hand and I want you all to contribute to it.
Few ladies around me are faced with this scenario, I have tried to offer my own advice to them, yet I wanna know…
The reasons…
The success ratio and the negative aspect of it.

Most guys are insisting their finance gets pregnant before any marriage arrangement commences. Now I ask:

A. Guys: what’s the primary motive behind this?.
B. Ladies:
1. Has any of you been involved in such scenario?
2. What was your response to it?.
3. If you accepted It, did it favour you or did you got your fingers burnt on the process?.

I just wanna know the Success/Failure ratio, so that I can better advice these ladies around me.
Finally, Ladies/Guys, what is the best advice you can offer on this subject matter?
Let’s talk.

That was the question I posted on a Relationship group on Facebook(Dating And Relationship Matters Forum), just to gather public opinion on the subject matter.

Coz this issue has been burning so hard here in Nigeria, so I thought it was wise to conduct a public poll to unravel the mystery behind this latest development.

Below are the responses I got from different group members.

Destiny Daniel B said “I have seen a guy who refused to marry a friend of mine simply becos she never wanted to be pregnant for him b4 marriage and this guy later went for another girl who actually got pregnant for him so they got married but suprisingly d girl had miscarriage during their honeymoon and uptil now d girl has not taken in again……..d guy is now regretting”.
Men u people are not God, whatever will be must surely be and what will not be will never be.
There is nothing d Almighty God cannot do only if u trust and believe in him”

Esther Ona Said “If it happen in d course of d relationship fine, cos abortion is not good, not a guy conditioning a lady that she must be pregnant before marrying her. It simply means that guy doesn’t believe in you! At the end, her bride price will be paid after 4 children. Desperate women be careful ooo”.

Ndidi Lawretta wrote: “Is nt adviseable, i ve seen a case whereby d lady got parent b4 marriage in other 2 pls d man but after few months she gav birth, d baby died. Now this couple ve stayed ova 5yrs now no child nd d man is now cheatin on wman.
A man dat really lov u as a wman will nt ask u 2 get pegnant b4 married. Any man dat says dat want a child nd doesnt lov his wman.”

Uduak Etim “Jackson Ejikeme,my sista(Etim Grace)don talk am actualy hapend dat d guy wantd my sista(Etim Blessing)to pas tru dat proces bt she refused cus tis againt my religion nd blief.if dat eva hapens,my fada wud kil us.any man who loves me nd wud wana spend d rest of hs lyf in my arms hz 2marry me cus of lov nd nt cus of kids.
God wil gv me chldren wen i do tins acordin 2 His wil”

Jackson Ejikeme Wrote: “But will u accept to go for proper Medicare ?”

Adegboro Abiodun Wrote: “Only God tym is d best,2ndly am nit against any guy dat says these some ladies aav gotten their womb punctured by going about 4abortions nd now looking 4a peaceful place to settle down allowing d guy to continue wasting money nd energy”

Those were some of the responses I got from people on Facebook… You can also ADD yours via comment.

The truth remains that we are not God, but whatsoever your opinion is, it may not be Wrong and it could be Wrong also.
But let your conscience and the fear of God (if you fear God) drive you on this.
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