What Makes A Man So Special?

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What is so special about MEN? What makes them feel they should be respected at all times? Why are they always saying “Don’t You Know Am The Man Here”?

1. Is it because it’s the responsibility of the man to approach a lady for relationship/¬≠marriage?
That’s no big deal my freind, most ladies have done that in past and more are still doing it as you are reading this piece.

2. Maybe coz the man pays the Bride Price? Sorry to disappoint you, ladies are paying their Bride Price lately(they just hand over the money to the guy to pay) .

3. Could it be because of the old tradition where the lady goes to the man’s house to stay forever after the wedding?.
I have seen few scenario where the man moved in to the lady’s apartment or even family house after the wedding.

4. Maybe because the woman bears the man’s name after wedding?.
Hey! I have seen a situation where by the guy accepted changing his Surname to adopt that of his wife(money is speaking here).

5. Is it because men in the old are always on Top? For your information, new S*x positions has given the lead and control to women(women has taken over the Top)

6. Or could it be as result of the fact that a woman needs the presence (by S*x) of man to get pregnant? Maybe you don’t know that pregnancy can occur without s*x in our world today. Have you also imagined what will happen if it goes the “Poultry Way” (very soon scientist will develop a product, either food or medicine that a woman can use and get pregnant, no need for a man to denote Sp*rm)

7. Is it because of the saying that “Men are the head…”? Am very sure that you are not blind to the fact that women are leading Organisations, Industries, Government and Nations.

8. Could it be because they pay the bills and funds every major project in the home/family? Am sure you know that’s an old story by now, coz presently in most families the female children are the bread winners. Most of them are paying their brothers (Older brothers) bills, help them get married and take care of their kids also.

So what makes you brag with the fact that you are a Man. What is so special about being a Man, I ask again?
Why refer to women as inferior or weaker sex, after the great Exploits of Eve, Delilah and many more in our world today?
The more you learn to respect women, the longer and happier you will live your life.
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