When We Are Hurt By Those We Love So Much

when those We Love hurt Us
When the expected Healing Balm turns weapon of affliction, what becomes of Us?
It is often said that “Love Heals All Wound”.
Now I ask; what happens when those you love so much are the one’s that have inflicted you with so much injury?

Will you say there is no one to love you and probably attempt suicide? The truth remains that there is someone that is always willing and very much ready to love you, just that most times we often come across a lot of wrong people first before we finally me the right ones.
The reason being that it’s some times very difficult to appreciate that Angel whom God has attached to your life if you haven’t ROMANCE with the devil.

The second bitter truth is, apart from God and Yourself, no one else can love you better. Just keep on Loving yourself and love will not be far from you.
Don’t give up on people, coz the very next person you will meet may be the Angel in human frame you’ve been searching and dreaming for.
No matter how painful the wound is you can still draw out enough strength from reservoir to move forward.

I LOVE you.
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