Premature Ejaculation: Effects On Men and It’s Natural Remedy

Premature-Ejaculation Causes

Quick Ejaculation, Early Ejaculation or Sudden uncontrollable release of Semen from the Penis before or almost immediately after penetration
Premature Ejaculation is a Sex Strength and Moral killer, any man suffering from this annoying condition feels worthless or even useless. It makes you feel you are not man enough especially when you have a woman that is very and highly sexually active. Her body languages and attitude towards you may even want to lead you to committing suicide. But you don’t have to coz there is a Natural (DIY)Remedy for Premature Ejaculation. What are the major causes of Premature Ejaculation: It is said that there are no known cause/s of premature Ejaculation but here are few things that can be attributed to Premature Ejaculation.
1. Stress
2. Anxiety
3. Inflammation of the Prostrate gland
4. Kidney related Issues.
5. Excess Sugar in the blood.
6. Abstinence From Sex for a very long period of time.
7. Lack of adequate Exercise 

Remedy/Cure For Premature Ejaculation

While many sufferers of this condition have said they got their cure without doing anything some has however said said it took them longer period of time and various techniques to fully recover. Here are few;
1. Regular exercise
 2. Bitters and Blood Cleansers
3. Roots and Herbs (some herbal mixture does the magic)
4. Healthy Lifestyle: practice a healthy Lifestyle, abstain from Tobacco and excessive alcohol
5. Fruits and Vegetables: eat more of fruits and Vegetables than other processed/junk food
6. Reduce your Sugar intake and Finally
7. Sex: have sex regularly and consistently. To do this you need to discuss it with your partner, tell her the only way out is for you to have sex as often as possible. Tips: you don’t have to be afraid of failure or allow anxiety to creep in, just get it off your mind and just desire to satisfy your partner and enjoy sex.  

The best way to Overcome Premature Ejaculation
 after you must has practice step 1, 4-6 above over time is:

A. Do not withdraw or pull out immediately after ejaculation, continue thrusting till you regain your erection again then continue:

B. Avoid long Fore-play but if you must do it then you must be ready to discharge first then try regain Erection before going into sex.

C. You need a lot of mental distractions while sex is ongoing. That will help reduce the signal to your brain. My strategy was to be thinking of a sad incident and at the same time pinching my buttocks and ears.

D. Withdrawal Strategy: once you sense its coming you withdraw your Penis, squeeze it a bit and continue. This is probably the most common strategy but I want you to give others a trial.

I wrote this article based on my own personal experience. And the Natural Premature Ejaculation Control Strategy I suggested here are what I applied and am now very much OK and can assure you that if you heed to this Advice, you too will testify.
Kill Premature ejaculation before it kills your relationship

Don’t fail to consult a professional Health Advice for proper advice if the symptoms persist.

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