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Successbookz Relationship Goal Tips for 2016

set goal for your relationship
Hello friend, have you set a goal for your relationship/marriage already? If the answer is NO, come on friend its time to set a clear and achievable goal for your relationship.

You may be wandering what this young man is saying, but I must tell you that its very necessary to set a goal for your relationship, coz this will help your relationship to be a better and stronger one in 2016.

How was your relationship/marriage like in 2015?
1. Fun-full
2. Very Good
3. Good
4. Bad
5. Too Bad.

Despite how good or bad your relationship was in 2015, It could still be better in 2016, if you can only set the right goals and back it all up with the right actions, attitude towards your partner/spouse.

If yours was in the Very good – fun-full category, I will like to say “well done” yet, It can still be better. Am sure you have not decided to be complacent or to take the success you achieved in 2015 for granted?

If you do that I will assure you that you will regret you did, coz there are lots of people out there ready to destroy what you’ve built so far. So just device new ways to add more spices to your relationship.

Just list how you want to satisfy your partner better in 2016, think outside the box. Be innovative, creative and stylish. Think of a Better You in 2016 (Romantically, Sexually, emotionally…)

Yours could be within Good – Bad, not too worry it will always get better, just follow the steps listed on this previous article to spice up your relationship and am very sure if you follow the steps listed on that article your relationship will become the best.

But if yours was under “Too Bad” then I will advice you to do a reappraisal of that relationship and decide for yourself if you still want to continue with it. Try to identify the root cause of the problem and get back to me here for a customised support and advice.

Few of this article could be of immense benefit to you.
1. Appreciation Matters a lot in a Relationship
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