Sex Invitation by Men

How Men Invite Their Wife To Sex.
Husband, how do you invite your wife to bed for sex? How do you go about telling her that I want to have sex with you.?
Wife how do you tell your husband “I need sex now”? Do you just go ahead and tell him i want sex or do you communicate it systematically? Few Sex Invitation Strategy.
Here are some of the way men invite their wife to Sex.
1. Most men, have studied their wife very well so they know the right place to touch her which will immediately send a romantic signal to her Sex-Fun-land.
2. Sex Invitation Note: most men invite their wife to sex with a short note, eg “Let’s make love tonight babe”, “I want to go deep into you right now honey!” Sex! Sex!! Sex!!! This will quickly send the required signal all over her, and before you even touch her, she’s already wet.
3. Penis invitation: why not allow the “tool of execution” do the invitation?. Seat/stand directly opposite her with a well erected penis protruding out of your very tight underwear and see what her reaction will be like.
most women are invited to sex with a romantic movie.
The last set of men are those that does not have respect for their wife. Once they want it, they go straight into it and there is nothing the woman can do about it.
The woman has little or nothing to say. And this category of men doesn’t care about foreplay or satisfying their partner. They don’t make love they just have Sex!
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