7 Things You Must Know Before You Approach Any Igbo Lady for Marriage

Igbo Marriage Secret
Igbo ladies are beautiful, respectful to their husband, excellent wife and mothers. No doubt about that, but if you ever dream of having one as your wife, you must have the following at the back of your mind.

1. Igbo ladies are very expensive. Your 10years savings may not be enough to settle all her traditional right.

2. An Igbo lady has no room, share or property in her fathers house. This simply means that once you are married to her, she’s yours forever and you may not be able to send her permanently back to her parents, and she can not also pack her things back to her fathers house, coz they will surely ask her to go back to her husbands house

3. You don’t get married to her alone, you are indirectly getting married to her mother and younger ones as well. And if she happens to be the “Ada”, (first daughter) you are equally getting married to the whole family.

4. You must pay her bride price before living with her! This is just a warning; it is very dangerous to get any Igbo girl pregnant and start living with her without seeing her parents and doing the necessary things.

5. If you don’t marry her while she’s alive you will surely pay double to marry her if she mistakenly dies. (Her people will fight you with their last blood. Be warned!)

6. You must try hard to learn Igbo greetings. The elders will require you to address and respond to their welcome greeting (ogo ibiala) with Igbo language.
This will be a bonus for you.

7. You need a sound, vibrant and outspoken Igbo elder on your side to make things very easy for you. If you fail to do so and they notice that you are a little bit financially okay, you will pay double of what you ought to pay. (They will double every item on the list for you)

LITTLE SECRET: try to be very close to your mother-inlaw to be. Bribe her with gifts and cash and she will save you lots of money from the women “List”.

The women list is the most Loaded and that is where you spend all the money, so if you are in a very good term with your mother-in-law to be, she will ask you to provide/pay just half of every item on the list.

Hope I have been able to educate you a bit about the Secret of getting married to Igbo Daughter.
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