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It Is Not True Love Until Its Tested

Successbookz True Love ImageIt is not True Love until its tested and proven.
So if you are into any relationship, that has been so rosy…No fights, No misunderstanding, No disappointments, No hurts nor quarrels. You are definitely not on the right path, coz it’s either you are being fooled/deceived or you are fooling/deceiving the other partner.

Just be real in all that you to, remember that what you are trying to cover up today will later come out in the open.

Don’t be to sure and don’t get carried away until you have Tested and proven that its True Love
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  1. Hello,
    Attention grabing post it is so much informative like your others post, all of those are great, you deserve the best thanks from me, thanks for sharing it here.
    True love

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