How To Turn A SexSeeker To A True Lover

This article will help any single lady to capture the true love of any man that comes her way, including the would be SexSeeker or the ones you refer to as player

If you have good virtues, you are well cultured and God fearing you will always attract the right man.Successbookz: Sex is Not Love
Let any man that comes your way know who you really are, if you are a good and decent girl show it, but if you are a bad girl as well show it(don’t hide who you really are).

The master key to the subject matter is:

Deny him of Sex!.

If a man comes to you for sex, (which you may not know initially) accept him, be open to him, respect him, treat him as if he’s gonna be your husband tomorrow, BUT don’t allow him into your “honey pot” coz that’s where the power lays.

What you need is to be able to keep him for sometime so that he will be able to see other good sides of you, don’t just say“I can’t offer you sex”, play along, just act as if you’re gonna offer it to him soon. A lady used it on me and it worked and she remains one the women I respect most till today.

Warning! Please do not demand money or any other gift from him. ReJect any expensive gift he brings to you with love(including large sum of money)

Finally. Spend more time while calling him (don’t just call for a minute and hang on). Always ask of his mother (especially) and other family members, inquire also in his plans for the future, and offer some advice and help where needed.

With all these and many more, if he’s ready to settle down and if he’s the right man for you, he will surly HookUp to you, coz no man wanna miss a virtuous woman.
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