Most Women Are Very Wicked Why?

Ladies are wicked
Ladies are EXTREMELY Wicked! Chai, but WHY?
Please what kind of a heart does most of our ladies have?

Imagine a lady comfortably taking another woman’s husband, just because the woman couldn’t give her husband a male child.

This woman had been through hell since she gave birth to her second child. During her third pregnancy her husband made her to suffer, threatening her every now and then “if you give birth to another prostitute for me you are dead” and other such threat. Unfortunately the baby turn out to be a beautiful baby girl and that was the “End Of Peace” in her marriage, yet the woman persevered believing maybe the next baby will wipe her tears away but unfortunately it was the same story. Finally her husband turn her into a punching bag, as if that wasn’t enough another LADY got pregnant for him promising to give birth to a heir (Son) for him and together they drove the woman and her 4 daughters away from the house.

The lady saw those children weeping, begging their father not to send them away yet she wasn’t moved.

Now the woman and her children Cursed her even other women in the compound did the same… some said God should not even allow her to hear the cry of a baby, while other said she can never give birth to a Son for the man.

The Wicked, Heartless, Devilish, Home destroyer, and husband snatcher lady is occupying another woman’s home believing all will be well with her.
1 What should the woman do?
2. Now I ask, what should happen to this lady?
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