Parenting:Husband,Wife Before Children

Don’t allow any of your child/ren to come In-between you and your wife coz at your old age when they have all married and gone to face their own family, it will be left you and your wife alone!

How on earth can you say you love the children more than your wife who gave birth to the children for you…?
If you love your baby/children more than your own wife something is definitely wrong somewhere.

The worst thing that can happen to any man is for him to hate his wife ( always treating her bad) and love his children so much.
Be warned! Your wife has all it takes to poison the heart of your children against you, unless she’s not more closer to them than you do(I mean spending more time with them).

Never you make the mistake of creating the impression that your wife is worthless/useless to you around her own children, you will end up having none to your side by the time they are grown up.
Its pretty hard to separate a loving and caring mother from her Children, so if you don’t want to end up getting only Dry Gin (while their mother is enjoying all the goodies) at your old age; at the time they should be taking good care of you, its advisable to Love your wife and respect her while you are still active.

Draw close to your wife and she will draw her children closer to you, but stay far away(in heart and love) from her and her children will take her far away from you, and you will become deserted at your old age.

Men beware! Women are special species, and should be treated Special at all time!
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