How To Overcome The Trauma of Heart Break

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In this article you will learn how to overcome the trauma of heart break. Because a broken heart if not quickly mended can lead to depression and suicide. So i’m glad you’ve found this article, because i know it will help you, and people around you learn how to overcome the trauma of heart break.

The Natural Remedy to Heart Break (Tips and Advice).

(Originally Published on Monday July 21st 2014, Edited, July 15Th 2016, October 2nd 2019).

Heart break in recent times has become a global trend. Most guys now brag with the fact that they dump their girl friend, even ladies are said to be worst offenders in this crime (depending on the angle you are looking at it from).
Heart break is not something new to any adult because it has been happening for a very long time now, and one out of every 5 adults today had in the past experienced heart break one way or the other.


Are you currently passing through the trauma, pains and the agony of heart break?

I want to assure you that you can still come out of it a better, brighter and stronger person, only if you can WAKE UP, get Off that bed of sorrow, see beyond the broken walls that surrounds you and get totally OFF that valley of depression.

how to overcome heart break

You need to also put on the garment of courage, high self esteem and of praises unto God for where you are today, because if not for God’s intervention the devil would have advised you to end your life before reading this article.

7 Reasons Why You Got Heart Broken

1.   You Fell in Love with someone who finally fell out of Love with you. (it was your decision to fall in love, no one forced you to. So you must accept responsibility and try better next time)

2. You gave your heart to someone (i don’t care to know what he or she gave, said, or promised you before you did)

3. you trusted a human being ( you probably forgot the old saying “Trust No Man but God” so you just have to accept responsibility)

4. You Weren’t Wise in your choices ( I’m sure you are now probably saying “why me?” then you go on comparing yourself with the other guy/lady whose boy/girl friend is treating like a queen/prince, you see?, you made the wrong choice while they did made a better one. So wipe away your tears and try to be very Wise in your future decisions. Ask God to help you)

5. You are not a better lover ( you probably almost ruined his/her life hence the need to walk away from you)

6. You are probably beautiful on the outside and dirty, dead or maybe rotten inside. (your partner found you so beautiful, handsome , radiant from the outside, went for you, just to be disappointed and disgusted by your bad manners).

7. You lack real values, you fail to add value to yourself and to his/her life during your period of dating(maybe you thought sex and money you offered him/her will substitute real values, which can never be, so he/she had to walk away from you).

Heart Broken? The Bitter Truth

Mirror yourself in the 7 points above, if you are sincere to yourself you will agree with me that you made 1, 2, 4 or even more mistakes.
Realizing and accepting your mistakes is the first step to forestalling future occurrences. Secondly, you really need to examine yourself and make all the necessary adjustments before dabbling into any serious relationship again.

It is very important to note that it’s very dangerous to FALL-IN-LOVE , because there’s every possibility that the other partner may FALL-OUT-OF-LOVE with you.


  • Say “i love you too” only when you are sure of what he meant coz his i love you may simply mean
  • It could be “i love to have sex with you and walk away”,
  • “I love to just kiss you and walk away”.
  • Or “i will love to hangout with you for a couple of days, weeks or months before i get to meet my true love

Imagine that was actually what he meant, while you out of ignorance went ahead to say I LOVE YOU TOO:
TAKE MY BODY and all that.
I promise you that he surely will not reject the offer, but you will be left heart broken when he has enjoyed your “HoneyPot” and decides to walk away.

Helloooo!. Please beware; “check the content before you Sign the check” -.

Tunde Bakare

It may interest you to note that NO MAN ON EARTH IS A TOTAL SAINT, we all have our individual shortcomings and weak areas. So look before you leap.

More Ways to Overcome Heart Break

  • Are you perfect?
  • Have you fulfilled all the promises you made to both young and old since you became an adult?
  • If you’ve just said “NO” to the questions above then never you expect ANY other person to always fulfill all their promises to you (he may be willing to fulfill his promises but some Unforeseen circumstances beyond his control may play along the line).
  • This simply mean that you should never place much(or even ANY) trust on people, because it’s only God that can never fail.
My Heart belongs to God

Time To Take stock And Move On

  • Its advisable to take stock few months after you might have applied all the Tips and Advise proffered on this article.
  • And have successfully gotten over the heart break trauma.
  • So compare yourself with your ex.

WHO IS BETTER NOW (who benefited more)?

have your life improved or gotten worst?

if your life got better then it was a Miracle he/she broke your heart.

But if your life got worse, it’s a sign that you almost killed his/her dreams and aspirations(he/she endured and NOT enjoyed the relationship)

Welcome to RelationshipNG’s Academy For Both Singles and Married

Whenever someone you love so much decides to walk out of your life, try all you can to improve on yourself (Emotionally, Psychologically, Intellectually, financially, Physically…)

And try to become a better person than you where. Once this is done you will be surprised that he/she may likely come back begging for another chance to mend the broken walls.
(Please beware of returning EX., they most times don’t mean well.)

My Little Tips And Advice For You, to Avoid Heart Break

Love is a beautiful feeling, it is good to be in love but don’t fall in love.

While your love is blind, mine may be seeing even the future.

I love you could mean different things to different people.

When you fall in love, you make your self vulnerable and could be trampled upon.

You are not the first to be heart broken, and you will never be the last.

While you are down weeping and shutting the world out of your life, the person who broke your heart is probably somewhere out there in the arms/laps of another man/woman. Say NO to the agony of heart break!

love those who are ready to love you in return, never you try to impress any man or woman to love you.

Do not compare your partner to that of your friend, sister or brother.

Never you pass an instant judgement on your partner based on what someone else said about him/her. Learn to always offer him/her a room to explain.

Love is not Sex, money, beauty, gift or sweet words. love is beyond all that.

Your happiness and joy should be in-built, you shouldn’t depend on anyone else but you and God for it.

Other ways to overcome the trauma of heart break

  1. seek professional (go ahead and reach me now)
  2. discuss what you are passing through with those who loves and cares so much about you.
  3. don’t seek revenge, because the more you try that the more you go down in pains.
  4. learn to forgive and forget about the past hurt.
  5. embrace the moment
  6. focus on the future
  7. and try again till you’ve found true love. Never give up on LOVE, because LOVE IS Beautiful and Good

To avoid heart break, always be yourself, add true values to your life, your partner and any relationship you find yourself in.

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