APOLOGY. The Key To Relationship Success

To apologize is to say “Am Sorry”, it also means, “I respect You”, I still “love You”, I value this Relationship and i want it also to continue If you love and cherish your relationship, you must do all it takes to protect it. One of the things you must do at any time the situation calls for it is, APOLOGY. You must learn to say “Am Sorry” to your partner or spouse each time you err. Saying “am sorry” when you are wrong is compusory and must be adhered to, if love and peace must thrive.(but this is not the best, because it has no extra-ordinary effect)

  SAYING “I’m SORRY” WHEN YOUR ARE RIGHT: here is where the key lays. Ladies, this is the sacrifice you have to make for your relationship to succeed. “I’
m Sorry”, say it to him when he erred and refuse to say sorry to you. When he is arrogant and so proud, despite the fact that he remains the offender. go ahead, say it to him and keep him forever. Men are naturally Egoistic, you can’t take that away from them and at the same time , you can not contest it with them. Yet you can ride on a man beautifully, just by making his ego of no effect, How? At that point when he is waiting for you to spark off the already made dynamites (he erred, refuse to say sorry but waiting for you to say a word that will set the relationship on the fire of destruction). If you can, go to him, bow down and say “babe”(or what ever way you wish to praise him, tell him you are sincerely sorry, just do all you can at that poit in time to get him off that arrogant mood and before you knew it, he’s in your arms againRelationship Tips and Advice          

These tips and advice will be useless to you as a lady if you don’t love your man and cherish your  relationship, so if you belong to that category, you may just move on to other topic of your interest, because this is obviously not for you. But if you are a lady, you love your man and wish to keep your Relationship, then go ahead and make good use of these Tips and Advice.
Guys/Men: do not take advantage of the fact that she’s always saying “Am sorry” even when you wrong to oppress, assult and to treat her like a nobody. If she’s worth nothing to you, she could worth a million to the next guy, so , respect her as person and her feelings, handle her with utmost care and she will be yours forever ( she could walk away if you do otherwise).
Guys Please Note: apology is a necessity. You too can apologise to your woman even when she’s wrong, that doesn’t make you a weakling, rather it’s a sign of maturity. You will forever enjoy her love and utmost respect, if you can bring yourself so low to say “Am Sorry Babe, please let’s put all that behind us and forge ahead, am sure you don’t want this little issue to tear us apart my love?” . Gooooooossssshhhhhh! You have “killed” her for good
No man on earth can take her away from you, because you have proven to be a more man than other guys. (not all men can do that) And in returns she will love, care, respect and adore you forever RESPECT IS RECIPROCAL, so the same measure you give out is what you should expect in returns. But if love must thrive, no matter how little of the loving you get from your partner at the initial stage, you can make it up and return it back in full, just for you to gain even more(imagine he gives you 20% of love, care,respect…. you multiply it by 4 and Return 80%, the next time, he will surely give out nothing less than 40% and it goes on ….) . I wish you Luck, Love, Long Life….. Image Source

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