True Love Meaning

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What is True Love?

There are certain things you need to see in a relationship before you can say indeed “this is True Love”. So i have decided to explain the meaning of true love.  

This is the True Meaning of True Love in a Relationship

Trust (your partner)
Respect (his/her views)
Understanding (is key)
Endurance (always)

Listening (ear)
Obey (his command)
Value (add value)
Encourage (be a true source of encouragement to your spouse)

Now you know the meaning of True Love

If you have all these working for you in your relationship, congratulations! You have found True Love.
But if you are yet to find True Love, please wait for it and continue to be the real you. Don’t forget that true love can be found anywhere, so never despise anyone you come across (even online).

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