Valentine: Sex Has Taken Over The Place Of Love


The self centered and sex seeking lovers of our time no longer understand what love truly is; they now have there own interpretation and theory of love. If St.Valentine’s concept and theory of love was what is obtainable today, i don’t think the whole would known and celebrated him till date.  He was passionately, selflessly and sacrificially touching lives and restoring hope to hopeless’ but what do we have today? Men seeking for sex in exchange for any help rendered  to a lady.
Sex is now the true interpretation of love; and in so doing the day we are suppose to celebrate the life and achievement of a saint has turn to a day that sets in motion the vehicle of destruction to many destinies, dreams and aspirations. 
Because most ladies have had their glorious future and dreams truncated just by trying to proof their love for a guy with sex on valentine’s day. And most ladies for just what they will wear or what they will eat or mere peer pressure has led them to having sex with the devil.

Sex is not LOVE, sex can never be LOVE and sex can never be a proof of LOVE. So ladies be warned, be-careful, do not allow any guy deceive you by making you feel guilty for not offering him sex on valentine’s day. Guys too, beware of those pocket drying ladies that seek your down fall. When they flaunt their boobs and hips on you to get your attention, just take a walk and tell them “i’m walking away because it’s not worth my hard earned income”.
Happy valentine to all Successbookz Relationship Academy’s Fans, Followers and Lovers. Love you all.
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