Do We Really Need A Special Day For Women?


The International Women’s  Day Celebration – Be Bold For Change
                                          (#BeBoldForChange)March 8Th every year has been set aside  to celebrate women all over the world, and this day seems to mean a whole lot to women from all works of life, especially the informed women. But my question is:
“Do We Really Need Just A Day To Celebrate Women”?
Women: Our mothers, wives and sisters, strong pillars of support, home makers and nation builders. Why do we just set aside only one day in 365/366 days to celebrate these special specie? no wonder most of them has been relegated to the kitchen and considered second class citizens. I think it is so demeaning and wonder why women don’t seem to understand this singular fact, and i also think it is high time women started taking their rightful place in the society.

Women Arise and take your place in the family, community, politics, education, religion, culture and the world a large. Enough of this crying and wailing and nagging, cut off all these relevance seeking attitude and actions because the truth remains that every woman is so special and highly relevant, that’s why men can’t do without you. So why do women think they need to seek the support of the male folk in other to excel? and how on earth do you think that a man will willingly relinquish his god-giving right to a woman?  The simple truth remains that no man on his right frame of mind will want to be answerable to a women, and this is the more reason why every woman has got to arise above all the intimidation, bully, harassment, and antagonism to be what she wants to be.


* You do not need to ask  for a space, just spot the empty space and fill it.
* You do not need anyone to push you up, just try all you can to move up.
* Do not let go of your position because of what people say or do
* Be focused, determined and diligent in all your doings.
* Work hard to earn respect from both men and your fellow women.
* Women must as well support women.

The greatest problem of every woman is a woman. They are the problem of themselves and they’ve got to solve their problems themselves, and leave the men out of it.
“IT IS AN INSULT TO SET ASIDE JUST ONE DAY TO CELEBRATE WOMEN”! Women are wonderful, powerful, special and should be respected and celebrated everyday and hour, so women stop  embarrassing your selves and start using the Strength-Of-A-Woman to achieve all you want to achieve.

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