7 Sex Position That Can Aid Deep And Smooth Penetration

7 G-spot Sex Position for multiple orgasm and maximum satisfaction.

Trying Different Sex Position Makes Sex A Fun-FULL Adventure. Change That old missionary Style, Try something New, Something Weird , Funny , or Even “Foolish”, That Makes Sex A Wow! Experience
Sex Position 1. Sex Position1
How It Works: The Lady lies on her right side; the guy kneels, she straddle her right leg and curl her left leg around his left side. Benefit: You get the deeper penetration of doggy style while still being able to make the necessary eye contact.Extra: Helps the guy to put his hands to work while the game last. Sex Position 2. Sex Position2 
How It Works: The Lady lie face-down on the bed, with her legs straight and slightly wide for smooth Penetration, and hips slightly raised. The guy penetrates from behind while also kneeling, Benefit: This position creates a snug fit. The guy’s “Pen’s” will seem even larger. Extra: The shallow thrusts and deep breathing will help the guy last longer.
Sex Position 3. Sex Position3
How It Works: the Lady lie facing up, raise her legs to rest on the guys shoulders. Benefit: When the lady raises her legs, it narrows the vagina and helps target her G-spot. Extra: Start rocking the rhythm in a side-to-side or up-and-down motion. That should bring your “Pen’s” into direct contact with her G-spot.(orgasm booster) 
Sex Position 4. Sex Position4
How It Works: the guy lies flat on The bed facing up. the Lady kneel on top of him, does the penetration her way and rock up and down his thigh using his chest as support. the guy helps by supporting some of the lady’s weight and helping her while she does thrusting and rocking (grab her hips and be in-charge somehow). Benefit: the Lady takes charge, does it the way it gives her maximum satisfaction, climaxing becomes so easy. Extra: The Lady’s thrusting will stimulate different parts of her vagina.
Sex Position 5. Sex Position5
How It Works: The Lady on her knees, head on The pillow, face-down supported with her hands, hips raised high and the guy does the killer doggy penetration. Benefit: It creates a deeper killer penetration(a Million orgasm per thrust). Extra: your hands are free so it can do the required job on the clit
Sex Position 6. Sex Position6
How It Works: the Lady Lie face-up, her legs raised all the way up and her ankles crossed behind her own head. The guy enters her from a missionary position. Benefit: the lady’s hands are free to work on her clit. Extra: Rubbing his pubic bone against her clitoris and stimulating her G-spot with the head of his penis
Sex Position 7. Sex Position7
How It Works: The guy lies on his back; the Lady straddle him, facing his feet. Benefit: the Lady is in control here, so she chooses the pace and rhythm of the game. Extra: The lady enjoys the whole show, the hands can do the necessary just hope one or all of the Sex Position here helps you enjoy Sex better.

Story and Image Source: Women Health Magazine

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