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Dating in Error

 Dating In Error
A Whole Lot of Ladies and Guys Are Into Some Form of Error Relationship. 

If your relationship is tied to some form Of belief, Culture, Gains, Promises, Recommendation, Location… You may be simply Dating In Error.
And you ask “what are you saying, what do you really mean” ??. 
Not too worry, I will explain it in away that even a layman can understand. 
Dating In Error: If you are presently in a relationship with someone just because you both share the same faith, you may be Dating In Error. Why? because Love is deeper than your faith (your faith is founded on love). If you don’t Love the Founder, the Story or Philosophy of a certain religion, you will not want to adopt such. So love goes far beyond the walls and boundaries of your religion, faith or beliefs. People often change their religion, faith and beliefs, should Love also be changed? 

Love does not change, but Lovers Change. 

No “right thinking” individual goes into a relationship with the aim of ending it to start another; (Experimental Relationship) now, if you have started that relationship strictly because of your faith, what happens when your partner changes his/her faith or belief???. Dating in Error! 

 If your Relationship is based on culture, i’m sorry, but you are Dating In Error Culture is what some group of people have decided to be governed by, a way of life, way of doing things … This can be changed at any point in time. When People decided to change their culture and norms, every relationship tied to such weeps. Dating In Error! 

Any relationship which it’s foundation is laid on “What I will Gain” could also be referred to as Dating In Error (illusion). Yes, you may be sure of what you will Gain or already gaining , but what happens to “True love”?. 
 1. What happens when there is no more resources to gain from?( walk away right?, how many will you walk away from?). 
 2. What happens when you develop True Love for that partner, while he/she just realized that it has been all for gains to you all this while?. Then he or she no longer wants you, and you are already in True Love? Dating In Error! 

 Maybe yours is that you are hanging on to that relationship because of promises . Ladies are usually the victim here. People make promises, while some keep to it, others don’t. So why lay your relationship down on the alter of Vain promises?. “But he said if am good to him, he will marry me, he said if he gets a good job, he will marry me, he said he will buy me a Bugatti or a Ferrari on our wedding day”. Sorry to disappoint you dear, you are Dating Him In Error. 

The funny aspect of this Dating In Error is that of RECOMMENDED PARTNER KIND OF DATING. This kind is synonymous to Africans, a situation where your mother, father or any relative recommends a suitor to you. The recommendation usually comes with a strong backing or High Powered claims. E.g “his family has got an enviable integrity and good reputation” , “he is a very hard working man” , she is a very decent girl from a decent background. Hahaha! You are Kidding friend. Be wise dear, wake up from your deep slumber and face the reality. those kinda things no longer exist, you need to know him or her to agree to their claims. Those who met and started a relationship, dated for a year or more still break up immediately after wedding, how much more you who never knew him or her.???Dating In Error!

 The last and the most “interesting” one is that of LOCATION MOTIVATED DATING. This kind cuts across the Mediterranean , love seekers have this belief that “love can be found anywhere”. those who date people in a big city, rich country or advanced society are in this category. If you are dating someone because he/she stays in a big city and probably should be rich, laff! Laff!! Laff!!! Most people living in the big cities are damn poor, it’s an illusion to believe they are all rich. ( Hot in this list, is the popular Online Dating between African Guys and white ladies). Hahaha! Them Guys will say “oboy what are you trying to do, you wan bust the package?” . That kind parole no de pay joor . When you finally realise that he or she is not what, or have not got what you thought they’ve got, what happens?. Dating In Error

Key-point all these Forms of Dating In Error, that has been mentioned above are variable things, while “Love should and most be Constant “. I often ask this question, “why do you want to love today and hate tomorrow?” why should someone love you today and later say “I Don’t Love You Again” ? . 

Finally: do you still love because of one of the points above, it’s time you change, you should love because you really love him/her.

Enjoy Love.

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