How To Ask A Guy Out

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 In a world where most guys are always busy looking for money here and there, the world where men are faced with lots of challenges and many of them not having enough to pay their bills. The world today seem to favour the female folks more than their male counterpart. They are apparently still being considered as weaker sex, despite their giant strides and global relevance. The society is still trying to create a space for them, probably forgotten that they had already taken their place before now(go ask +Oprah Winfrey or Ngozi Okonjo Iwuala). It is said that “what a man can do, a woman can also do even better”. If that be the case, what stops a lady from walking up to a guy and express her feelings to him. You never know, he maybe finding it so difficult to take a step, and you doing it will help boost his confidence level. 
 Do you know that most guys are actually afraid of walking up to a certain class of ladies for anything?. Maybe because of the way she dress (expensive designer wears) or probably because she has got lots of exotic cars. You know it takes a lot of confidence and optimism for guy who hasn’t got a car to walk up to a lady with one or more and ask her out, yet he dreams and wishes he did. So it will not be a bad idea at all to help him out on that. 

1. Because you need a man in your life (especially when you are getting no younger) 
2. Because you probably have said several time “what a man can do, a woman can do better” (this shouldn’t be an exception). 
3. You may be helping your ideal man get close to you (what about that?). 
4. He could be wishing you did. 


  •  1. Do it systematically (don’t go all out to hit the nail at the head) 
  • 2. Do it in a straight and forward way (you probably do not want to miss him on that event and possibly go home wishing you took the chance) 
  • 3. Do it radically (if you want to have him at all cost, you may want to adopt this type of approach. You must be ready to accept what ever response you get. What ever method you chose to adopt, please learn to apply certain caution, so that he will not feel embarrassed by your moves. 

Decency: (you may start with inviting him out to a church program or Singles program, something of that nature)in all things and actions is required to achieve a great and positive result in this regard. Finally, what ever is what doing, is what doing wisely well. So, i advice you do it systematically, straight to the point, so that he doesn’t mistake you for a stripper or a sort of cheap girl. Go! Go! Go! ladies. 

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