How To Quit A Sick Relationship

Learn How to Quit any Sick Relationship


This post will advice you on better ways to saying goodbye to that Abusive, violent or sick relationship of yours, even if you still love him.

Goodbye is probably the hardest words to say, especially when it has got to do with someone you once shared a deep emotional feelings with.

It is wise to know when to call it a quit, because if you fail to heed to the warning signs and signals, you may end being a victim.

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Why Should I Walk Away?

1. YOUR LIFE: You must walk away from that relationship to save your life.

2. YOUR HEALTH: you can’t afford to allow that beast of a partner to inflict much injury on you. He could paralyze you in your leg or hand you know ,don’t risk your health with that drug addict  of a boy friend.

3. YOUR FUTURE: if you fail to quit that relationship at the right  time, your future may be in jeopardy, reason being that; you can never be on the same flight with someone heading for Paris if you are going to Peru (don’t waste your time and resources). It may sound similar but can’t be the same.

4. YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY: these people love you so much, they don’t wish to see you suffering from one form of abuse or another in future. Think about those who see you as their role model, they look up to you, don’t allow them to develop a strong hatred for the opposite sex, just because of your sick/broken marriage.

(Did He/She walk away from you when you least expected it and left you in Trauma? This article is what you need now.)

When Do I Walk Away?

Just as every sickness and disease have their symptoms and Signs so also is a sick relationship.

When you begin to observe the following signs and signals, know you that it is about time you quit.


1. If you notice you are becoming less/none attractive to him/her, it may be a time to say goodbye.

2. He started to calling you by your real names and not the usual pet names, he need a break and you can’t allow him to dump you or do you?.
3. when he/she fails to honor your invitations on regular basis, e,g. He/she turns down a lunch or dinner date.
4. When Excuses becomes a lifestyle the hour to quit has come. When a lot of excuses sets in, lies follows and unfaithfulness crowns it, end it now.


1. He/She no longer have interest on spiritual activities ,e,g prayers, fasting and other spiritual activities. If you are someone with a strong religious values and you want your partner to be same, or maybe you both started together in the church and suddenly your partner stop attending church programmes etc, this may be a sign that such fellow has defected to the opposition, and you may not want to continue with such a person(darkness and light has no union).


1. He/she no longer respect your feelings, says or does whatever he feels to you without minding what effect it left on you.
2. He/she started cheating on you without remorse and concern.
3. The normal things, words and actions that has always brought about joy and fun to you both, becomes irritating. Hey! Don’t wait to be told, no soothsayer is required to tell you “it’s time to walk away”.
4. He/she no longer want to see you around, your partner suddenly stops spending quality time with you.
5. Accusations and counter-accusations becomes the other of the day. You both now spend more time on accusations and un-necessary arguments than you spend discussing issues that will help your relationship.


1. If you observe strange moves and actions, beware
2. He/she becomes violent and aggressive. Run for your safety.
3. He starts hitting you, or even get to the extent of shouting or beating you in the public (be it with friends or relatives). My dear what are you still waiting for? FLEE!


When your love for him or her begins to dwindle, when affliction replaces affection and tears instead of cares.

When you observe the blood of the relationship is dried up, it means that LOVE is dead, you may not wait until it’s buried to walk away. It’s time to walk away.

How Do I Walk Away?.

Now that you are sure you want to quit the relationship, you should know that certain cautions must be in place. For example,

You cannot quit a relationship with someone who just turn violent and uncontrollable alone in his room or a hotel room. Your life is at stake.

It’s not also advisable to invite your friends or family members to be present when you want to end your relationship with someone, who has no history of violence.

Your decision may appear strange to your partner, it can also come as a big surprise to him or her, you must be careful about it and handle every aspect of it with great caution.

LITTLE ADVICE HERE: please before you decide to quit your relationship no matter what the signs are;
1. Try to know what the root cause of the sudden change in his/her actions and behavior is.
2. Discuss it with him or her extensively, with aim at resolving it(environmental and financial issues can cause a change in so many people, please do not walk away when he/she needed you the most). 3. Try all you can to get the issues resolved, peacefully and in love. If all the steps above fail to yield a positive result, then


1. Write out all your points (reasons the relationship must end)
2. Make it simple and straight to the points.
3. Choose a safe and best suitable place to end it with him/her (if you are sure you really want to end it, do not choose your favorite locations or places that meant a lot to you both, his bedroom is NOT also a nice place to do it).
4. With respect and humility, carefully read out all the points to him/her and ask for a break.
5. Accept no plea or excuses at that point.
6. Do not allow it to degenerate into argument or fight (leave the place if it’s getting off hand).
7. Insist on ending the relationship there and at that point.
8. Make it clear to him/her that you will NOT change your mind in future
9.  Wish him or her luck in future endeavors.
10. Walk away and never look back.


Return any of his or her property on your possession, because he/she will surely come back looking for it (though some will not accept if from you and will never come asking for it again).

Please do not reject his/her calls and avoid late night calls from your now EX. Just stick to your decision, never say anything to give him or her the impression that it will soon be resolved.

Avoid places and events that could bring you both back together or make you see each other so often at least for the first 3 months.

You both must share friends in common, so make it clear to them  that you both are no longer dating and can NEVER be together again.

Do not jump into another relationship immediately, take your time and allow the wound inflicted on your partner to heal before you venture into an affair with someone else.

Good Luck to you.

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