newly wedded couple

Advice for newly wedded couples


If you have just wedded, congratulations, and welcome to the club.
Please take note of the following:
1. You are no longer girl/boy friend, you’re now wife/husband.
2. You have made a commitment and you must keep to it(it is no longer an open relationship).
3. You’ve made a vow and you must fulfill all the words of your vow(rehears those words daily so you don’t forget them).
4. You’ve entered into a COVENANT that must not be broken, therefore you are condemned to doing whatever it takes to keep this covenant.
5. You’ve just enrolled into the institution called MARRIAGE, and its not one of the usual institutions you’ve been through. For instance, how do you explain this “certificate upon resumption” thing? Well congratulations anyway, but don’t forget you’re not a graduate yet, you have just started, and unfortunate no one is coming to carry out an assessment on you (you will do it yourself and I suggest you do it regularly).

6. You now have a responsibility, YES! Your husband/wife is your responsibility and you must take good care of him/her.
7. You have taken a new job, and you must know what your duties are.
(A) Husband: the head of the home, must be a visionary leader, hard working, disciplined, focused, courageous and must love and provide for every “reasonable” need of his wife/home.
B. Wife: a strong supporter, industrious, pacemaker, a good cook, very neat, highly accommodating and one that is humble and very submissive.
Note: once you fail on your own responsibility, you are simply putting pressure on the other partner. And once one partner is under pressure, he/she is bound to react negatively and once that happens, the home is on fire.

A “Must Do” for all newly wedded couples

  • Be a good wife/husband.
  • Don’t be a liability but an asset.
  • Add value to your marriage
  • Add value to your partner
  • Try to be a better you each day
  • Help your spouse to be better than you met him/her
  • Be happy always, because when you are happy, your spouse will be happy too.

WARNING: some say relationship is 50+50(you put in your 50 Percent and your partner complement with the remaining 50 Percent. This has broken a lot of homes and left some living together but separated in every other aspect. Now let me ask you, what happens to the other 50%? Don’t you know that giving 50% to your partner equals cheating?

Please do not give your 50 percent in marriage, but rather give your 100 percent and a little extra to your relationship[, and you will be glad you did.] The worst thing that can happen to your marriage as a newly wedded couple is for one partner to be thinking; “what happens to me if he decides to take in another wife”, “what if this marriage fails“. The very day you allow such thought a place in your heart, you’ve started destroying your marriage gradually and it will not be long before it comes to reality.

Think positive, stay positive, offer your very best, and when you give, please do not expect anything in return; that is what unconditional love is all about.

advice for newly wedded couples

Hope this my little advice for newly wedded couples adds value to your relationship. Happy married life

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