Ladies, Learn To Read The Signs: Dump Him Before He Does…

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 Every single lady must learn to Read The basic signs in relationship to enable you learn how dump him before he does. There are signs and Major pointers to tell that a guy is fed-up with you. 

When a guy has had more than enough of you, the most natural thing to do is to get irritated by the things you do. His level of acceptability to the things you do , say …will gradually begin to depreciate. For instance, if he’s used to calling you three times a day, it will reduce to once, gradually once in 2 days to no call for a whole week…. It will continue to a point where only you will be doing the calling, till a point when he will begin to avoid your calls.

The Signs That He Will Dump You Soon

He will miss your calls and will never call back, and when you ask, he will simply tell you “I was busy then or I didn’t see it” It will even get to a point where he will no longer want you to come visit him. He is either not always around or have visitors. He will no longer want to go out with you or show you off to his friends and family. important dates in your life suddenly begins to escape his mind…. If you fail to read these signs on time and move ahead with your life, he will surly disappoint, disgrace and destabilize your life. And you will say he broke my heart” and other bla bla bla that goes along with it. 

  • Wake up ladies, how on earth do you think you can trap a 21st century guy down with sex?
  • Even if the guy has tested your honey and decided not to pitch his tent around It, will you kill yourself over it?
  • Will it not be better for him to go than to keep on deceiving you for a very long time?
  • Why blame a guy for dumping you like a trash after gaining access to the honey pot?
  • Are you not suppose to blame yourself for granting him access to your inner chamber?
  • When will you learn to shut the gate and allow the real genuine guys to locate you?
  • Oh! you still feel your honey pot can fetch you a husband?

Dump Him Before He Does

Wake up girl, it’s almost midnight. There’s no time again!
The bible says “my people perish for lack of knowledge” Hosea 4.6 and in the book of proverbs, we are told that “Wisdom is Profitable”. The bible encourages us to get Wisdom in all our getting.

So you see it also applies to your relationship. Learn to walk away on-time when the tide is turning against you. 
Quit him before he quits you, Obasanjo as old as he is still applied Wisdom in dumping PDP in a grand style, when it was obvious they were about to dump him. That’s wisdom. Even if he had always loved you and has done a lot of great things for you. Immediately you begin to see these signs. My dear, it’s time to Walk Away, so that you don’t end up like TONTO DIKEH

It’s best to take a bow when the ovation is loudest.

 Wise people don’t wait until they are sacked, they honorably resign/quit and walk away with their head raised so high.
So, if you are not HAPPY in that Relationship, it simply means that its not working, and if its not working, its NOT healthy for you and to avoid heart break you need to dump him before he does.

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