12 Incontrovertible Facts About Igbo Ladies Men must consider

Incontrovertible Facts About Igbo ladies

Planning to Marry an Igbo girl? Here are 12 Incontrovertible Facts About Igbo Ladies to consider before planning to marry an Igbo Lady.

The igbo Speaking tribe is one of the majority group in Nigeria. The Ibos are the inhabitants of the South Eastern part of Nigeria, they are known to be very industrious, accommodating enterprising and itinerant in nature
But there are certain things you need to know about their ladies and getting married to them.

12 Incontrovertible Facts about Igbo Ladies

1. Igbo Ladies are very hardworking, this means that they will really fit in as a help meet (support to you).
2. They are domineering to some extent and that simply means that she could shut your family (especially your mother and sisters) and friend out of your life.(This could actually mean well for you, if your family has been a thorn in the flesh for you or you have lots of friends that are not adding value to your life)

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3. Igbo Ladies are home builders and “man Makers”, they love seeing their man succeed. To achieve this, she will work(if you allow her), support, encourage, fast, pray and make connections for you, just to see that you succeed.

4. Igbo women do not cheat: a well brought up Igbo lady can not cheat once she’s married. But you must be on top of your game to provide for her needs or start a business for her if she’s not working.

5. Ibo Women are excellent in cooking: the Igbo delicacies are something to look out for in every Igbo lady. And she will be very happy and willing to cook for you and equally serve your food to you the way you want it and when you want it.

6. Igbo Ladies don’t joke with their mother: 90% of Igbo ladies hold their mother in high esteem and will always want to see her happy and healthy.

7. Igbo women are the best mothers: they show great love to their children. An Igbo woman will lay her life down for her children. She will endure hardship, poverty, domestic violence and battering just for the sake of her children. No wonder their children are forever connected to them!.

8. Ibo women are very expensive to maintain, you must be ready to buy her real ibo “George and Blouse”, not some cheap clothes

9. When you marry an ibo lady, you’re not marrying her alone, you are getting married to her siblings and mother also. There’s every possibility that she will pick up one of her younger one to live with her, that’s one of their own way of taking the burden off their parents.

10. Ibo ladies love hard working men, most of them are not really interested on what you have now, but they just want to see you always doing what is expected of you as a man.

11. Igbo girls are so much interested on the “igba ukwu” (traditional wedding) than the normal white wedding, because that is what really gives her and mother much respect. If you ngbam ukwu is not colorful other ladies will make mockery of you, and if you don’t provide everything on the list her mother stand the of being excommunicated.

12. If you want to marry an ibo lady, please be ready to love her, her family, provide for her needs and that of her family or allow her to work and take care of her self, you, your family and her family. Always prove to her that you love her and her family and we will love you and your own family so dearly.

Those are the 12 Incontrovertible Facts about Igbo Ladies that i think any man who wishes to mannry an Ibo lady need to know

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