7 Sex Facts You’ll Wish You Knew Before Marriage

I Wish I Knew these sex facts before marriage


These are 7 sex facts you will discover after your wedding

Am sure if you happen to have had the fore knowledge of it of these 7 sex facts, maybe you wouldn’t have been in a big rush to getting married. Most guys are jumping into marriage today just because of sexual satisfaction(they refer to it as Sex Adventure), but no matter what you call it or how you perceive it to be, you will wish you knew all these: (UPDATE: this article was originally published on 25th December 2017)

1. Sex is 100% Free in Marriage: once you are married you don’t have to pay your wife to make love to her and you don’t necessarily have to offer her anything after having sex with her. All that is needed is few words, moves and romantic expressions and she’s on bed with you.

2. You will get tired of seeing her NAKED. It’s after your wedding that you will get to understand that women are not always very comfortable putting on anything on their body, including undies. So your manhood will even get tired of responding to the appearance of your wife’s nakedness. 

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3. That woman will be left alone with you in the same house for one week….one month….one year….>>>>>and it keeps on counting. Let me ask you, can you consistently have sex none stop for a whole one month? I think that’s far beyond impossible. 


 4. Women Love Sex even more than Men do. Your mother may not have told you this, she may have decided to allowing experience teach you better. Get ready to continue sexing till she’s tired of it.

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5. Men are not often the sex motion movers in marriage(it will not be your responsibility at all times to invite your wife to bed for Sex), women does that more in most cases and families. So if you think you are a sex addict wait till you get married and see where man “dey” run from bed activities. To be sincere with you, if your wife is a hyper-sex active one, you are indeed in trouble. Most of them pretend while you are dating but once you are married to them..goosshh! The real beast in them begins to manifest.

6. Sex settles most quarrels, sex is most times the deciding factor in marriage, its a very vital dispute resolving tool. if you are having any issue with your wife no matter how long it has lasted, once you are able to bring her down to bed and access her “Treasured Palace” every outstanding issues will be laid to rest. 

7. Sex makes you a real man: the ability to sexually satisfy your wife at any point of call to duty earns you all the desired respect. “Sex Power Makes a Man”, so if you can’t satisfy your wife on bed, no amount of money or material thing will make her really Love and Respect you. Give it to her Real Hot and you will have her to yourself alone “Till Death Do You Part”.

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! Never you jump into marriage just because of Sex and other romantic escapade, because in marriage, Sex and Romance are fully liberalized, there is no limit to sexing in marriage…


Once you are married, you are condemned to Sexing till death do you part. Now that you know all these, why Rush-In to sign a lifetime contract just because of something you will definitely get tired of in just few weeks? I’m sure if you had known that you will one day be tired of having sex with that lady you are rushing to have a “taste of” now before marriage, you would have waited so that you don’t have to sin against God. Am pretty sure that these 7 Sex Facts will help our Singles make better choices and decisions in marriage.

 Be wise bro, wait for your time because you will get tired of sex once you are married. So why the rush? Please if you have enjoyed reading my compilation of 7 sex facts, why not share with your friends on Facebook and other social media platforms using the social icons below?

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