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How to Overcome Depression


Whats is Depression?: Depression is a general state of emotional and mental disorder.

how to overcome depression


  • According to World Health Organization (WHO), more than 300 million people all over the world suffer from depression and is cuts across all ages.
  • “Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease“.
  • I is also said that more female are affected by depression than their male counterpart.

Depression is equally on the rise in Nigeria/Africa lately, and the causes are not unconnected to the spate of Insecurity ( some have lost their bread winner and finding it difficult to cope), Economic hardship and general hunger. Now let’s see other causes and how to overcome depression

Other causes of depression are:

  • Pressure: (peer, family, marriage, academics, work…)
  • Disappointed: (especially from our most loved and respected ones)
  • Mistakes, Delays, Failures and un-achieved expectations/target.
  • Depression is also said to be Hereditary (but i’m not interested on this).


danger sign
  1. Depression can lead to weight gain/loss
  2. It can lead to low productivity
  3. Insanity
  4. Can cause you your job
  5. Can aggravate Asthma
  6. Stroke
  7. Cancer
  8. Heart Failure
  9. Attempted suicide
  10. Instant Death


I know you will be wandering which one is dangerous depression again.
Is there anything like good depression?

YES/NO, every human being is expected to be depressed at one point or the other. For instance, it is not out of place if you get depressed after loosing a loved one of something very important to you.

So you can get depressed, YES. But you are not wired to remain depressed, that’s where the problem comes in.

Severe depression is what i refer to as dangerous. When depression lasts for more than two weeks. When depression starts pushing you towards withdrawal (you want to be left alone for a very long time), violence (you start shouting on people and destroying things), and attempted suicide; it has become very dangerous and you need support.

So before it becomes dangerous, here are some of the antidotes to depression.

  1. Don’t be in contest or competition (both physically and spiritually) with anyone.

Yes, don’t compare yourself with anyone (brother, sister, age mate, colleague, class mate…). Even if both of you are on the same level of achievement now, there is no guarantee that he or she will not overtake you tomorrow. So if you are not into any form of competition with anyone, you will not be affected by their achievements (rather you will rejoice with them and use them as a source of strength to work harder and keep faith alive)

2. Don’t allow anyone to put you into competition or Contest with any body. Yes, most times you are not competing or comparing yourself with anyone but your Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Brother or Sister is.

causes of depression

They will remind you of how your mates are married and you are not. How your mates are buying cars, building houses and doing great things for themselves and family while you are not.

My advice for you is to seat such person down and explain to them why you are different from that other person. But if such person(s) insist, then keep far away from them (they are like toxic chemicals).

Here is how to handle such people:

If your mother is constantly reminding you of your mates and even younger ones who are married with kids. Please also remind her of your mates and those older/younger than you who are not married and those you know that are dead and forgotten.

If your mother-in-law or any one at that calls you a barren woman. Please do not forget to remind them what God said concerning barrenness, how many SHILOH’s it took Hannah to get Samuel, and the age at which Sarah gave birth to Isaac.

And let your comfort be on what became of those two men (they both became exceedingly very great). “Great things don’t come easily

If your wife calls you a useless man, and compares you with other men who are taking good care of their wives. Please go ahead and compare her with Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Morayo Afolabi Brown, and other women around you who are doing great things. By the time you’re done, she will not trouble you again.

The bottom line is; don’t allow any form of pressure from ANY one.

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3. Don’t expect too much from anyone and please don’t be ignorantly and greedily over ambitious. This is not to say you should not aim high; no, just know the level you are in and your abilities/limits. It is very dangerous to depend or put so much expectation on anyone born of a woman.

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself: whatever the case may be, you are not the only one experiencing it. People have gone through it and came out better and stronger. So why not commit it into God’s hands, seek spiritual/professional advice and allow things to come back to sharp.

A living Duck is far better than a dead Eagle. Whatever it is that you have done wrong, (including impregnating your own daughter or sister, which is the “worst abomination”), God can still forgive you and you can end up a world preacher.

Success O. Okafor

Maybe yours is that you’re raped by your own father or brother and you want to kill yourself.
My dear you’re not the first, and you will probably not be the last.

Could is be debt or loss of only source of livelihood? God has better plans for you (Jeremiah 11:29, Corinthians 2:9). And in due season (it could be in the next minute), He will fulfill His promises to you like He did to Abraham.

Summary: if you compare yourself or try to be like anyone else, you can only become the fake of that person. So to be original, just be yourself. Love all but Trust few. And be the best you can.

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Now that we know the causes of depression and how to prevent it; let’s help those who are already in depression learn how to overcome depression.

Know more about depression and the dangers of depression. It is said that “what you know cannot kill you”. So once you know what depression is, and it’s dangers to your health, you will FLEE EVERY APPEARANCES OF DEPRESSION.

Know what makes you happy: music, sports, comedy, word of God, religious gathering etc. Once you’re able to identify the things that makes you happy, it becomes very easy to apply then when you’re down.

Positive and highly Informed people: try to surround yourself with positive and informed friends who can help you on how to overcome depression. If you surround yourself with wrong/deformed people; they will advice you wrongly and that may end up worsening already bad matters.

Avoid places, things or people that can aggravate issues. What this simply mean is that you should stay clear from people, places of things that can remind you something that caused you pain/injury/loss. But never you isolate yourself from people that can be of help to you.

Speak out: don’t die in silence. Let the right people know what you are passing through. Study the word of God and pray for God to see you through.

Whatever the case may be, suicide is never an option. Stay positive, and stay Strong. God loves you so much, and He has great plans for your future.

Remember: it is only the wicked and selfish people that contemplate suicide. If you commit suicide, what happens to your loved ones?


  1. Be loving, caring and understanding: Love your wife and try to know what she is passing through at all times. And please do not put anyone under undue pressure: in the office, school, at home or anywhere.
  2. Share this article: by so doing you can help someone learn how to overcome depression and probably save a life. Let’s join hands to kick depression out of this world

If you are going through depression now and you need someone to talk to, please i’m here for you. +2348028155310 (WhatsApp/Call). And if you need our Swissgarde Supplements for Depression, you can contact me also. I love you.

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