Dangers of Infidelity in Marriage

Infidelity in marriage starts when one partner begins to hide something (no matter how small or insignificant) from the other party. It soon leads to cheating and other extra marital affairs. But if you know the dangers of infidelity in marriage, you will stay off it.

Infidelity in marriage

In this article I will highlight few dangers of infidelity in marriage and equally use a little story to drive home my point. And I will also suggest ways to handle infidelity or how toavoid it completely.


  1. Infidelity is simply a breach of trust.
  2. Goes against your marital vow and the covenant of marriage.
  3. Reduces your self worth
  4. It also reduces the other partner to nothing (you’re simply saying the other partner is not worth it)
  5. Infidelity gives only short time pleasure which is easily swallowed up by pain once the secret is exposed.
  6. Can destroy what you have put a lot of time, energy and resources in building.
  7. It can end your relationship/marriage
  8. Breeds hatred and bitterness
  9. It brings shame and disgrace upon you
  10. May end your life: yes, if your partner finds out you’re cheating on him, he/she may end your life or that of your partner in crime.


  1. Greed: you want to have more to yourself
  2. Insatiable desire: what you have is not enough for you.
  3. Selfishness: all you care about is yourself and how to be happy, not considering the other person
  4. Lack of self control and discipline
  5. Weak, or dead Sexual life: if your marital sex life is suffering it could lead to infidelity (if your husband is suffering from weak erection or premature ejaculation, we have a solution for it RevUp).
  6. Separation: due to work or business trips or long distance relationship can lead to infidelity. That’s why its not advisable for couples to stay apart for a long time.
  7. Negative influence: the people you hang out with and those you surround yourself with can lead you astray.
  8. Family pressure: your family can push you into an act of infidelity.
  9. Delays/Poverty: it takes love, commitment and fear of God for a couple to remain faithful when there is no money to pay the bills and run the home.
  10. Childlessness: childlessness or infertility can cause infidelity in marriage.


Respond to infidelity with love: remember no one is perfect. So let love drive you judgment and decisions. Once you discover that your partner is cheating on you, just think of what made you to love him/her to the point of getting, then you can take decisions having that as the foundation.

Treat with care: handle infidelity with care, because you don’t know if it will turn around against you. You better be careful what to you to an unfaithful partner, especially your husband.

Forgiveness is highly needed: once he/she has confessed and promised never to go back to it again, and you have seen the signs that he/she is ready to turn a new leave. Once you hear “I’m Sorry” accompanied by remorse, just forgive and forget about the wrongs, though its difficult, but a broken heart heals over time.

Prayer can go a long way in helping them come out of it completely. So always pray for your unfaithful/cheating partner.

To whom much is given, much is also expected. So if you are a beneficiary of love and forgiveness, you are expected to leave up to your partner’s expectations in other to completely restore love, trust and intimacy.


You have been married for 5 years without a child (not even a miscarriage), and suddenly your friends advised you to go out and get pregnant for another man.

At the same time your husband’s family secretly advised him to get a child from another woman or even divorce you and marry another woman.

Secretly you started cheating on your husband, and he got to know about it through a friend but decided not to confront you over it.

After some time he discovered you are not ready to change. So in revenge he decided to pay you back by sleeping with your house help (who is a matured lady).
Few months down the line your house girl is already pregnant and you are still not (upon all your cheating).
Now the secret was exposed and you started shouting and calling your husband names.

He begged you to forgive him and you would not listen, so he got angry and decided to reveal what you thought was a secret all this while.

Suddenly you became speechless and shocked to your marrow.
At this point you have no other option than to beg him to forgive you (“it is the work of the devil”). But his mind is already made up, and there’s not going back on his decision that you must leave his house.

The family had to come in to beg on your behalf and to settle you both.
Now he’s ready to forgive you but can’t let go of the woman who is already pregnant and carrying his baby.

At the end of the day you are left with two options:

  1. Accept her and the baby in her womb. Meaning she will automatically graduate from your house help to a fellow wife(maybe getting more attention from your husband than you.
  2. Leave both your husband and your home

Which ever option you opt for, everything can never be the same in that home again. You may live the rest of you life regretting your infidelity and failure to forgive him when he asked for it.

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