Men Do not Appreciate Cheap Ladies

Do you know that men don’t appreciate the ladies they get chealply? The believe is; if i can get you this cheap, it means other men have always gotten you cheaply and more will still do same.

One of the biggest mistake some ladies make is thinking that staying close to a guy always and giving him all he wants, will help them to be able to keep him. May I let you know that you are making the worst mistake. Sincerely, men don’t like what comes to them so cheaply (women in focus).

If you think sex is enough to keep a man, then you have not considered the prostitutes. How many of their regular customers have they been able to keep?

Have you not observed that some guys tends to stick to reserved girls the more? If a guy has been around you for some time and you have stylishly refused him sex, he sometimes stay closer, trying to make you happy just to get that sex.

It is good sometimes to stay far away from your man, make him miss you. Let him decide that he truly wants to remain with you. Keeping far away from him will help you discover if he still needs you in his life or already tired of you but don’t know how to say it.

Don’t you know that sometimes a man who is tired of you finds it difficult telling you. Probably because you both have been together for many years and alot of water has passed under the bridge. So he feels telling you will break your heart, yet he really wished he could bring himself to a point where he would comfortably tell you.

Some times these men wishes you could read the signs and walk away on your own. But you will not, because you are “blinded” by emotions and sentiments. It’s better to walk away and reaccess the whole thing, then make a decision to either stay or quit. Whether you are still really needed or you have been dumped without you knowing it.

You will hardly enjoy a man you forced yourself on, at the long run. Always allow the man to do the chasing, it gives them joy. And please do not make his job to simple for him, make him suffer a bit so that he can treasure you. Most men do not treasure the woman they get cheaply.

Dont be a cheap girl, lady or woman. Every woman is a treasure, please do not reduce your value. Because if you do, you will be priced cheaply and you may end up regretting your actions.

To love is not by force, any forced marriage or any relationship with a faulty foundation can’t stand the test of times.

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