Boyfriend Does Not Deserve Much Attention But Husband Does

There’s a very serious issue that’s affecting our women negatively, both in relationship and marriage and I have decided to talk about it today. Let’s get this straight once and for all, enough of all this conflicting relationship/marriage Counselling, Tips and Advise here and there. Let’s draw a coastal line between Boyfriend and Husband. They […]

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7 Steps To Avoiding BreakUp When Your Relationship Is Under The Test Of Time.

How To Overcome Trying Times In Your Relationship And Remain StrongThese are the immediate actions and steps to be taken to prevent it from escalating to divorce or BreakUpFor better understanding Of this post, please read. Overcoming Trying Times In Your Relationship1. Avoid the Blame Game: it’s not the best time to apportion blame. “you […]

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You Brake All Love Traffic Rules When You “Fall In Love “

“True Love can not begin until the “IN LOVE” (infatuation/ Limerance) experience has run it’s full course”. There is nothing like “Fall In Love” in the original dictionary of Love. When you “Fall In Love” you are simply ridding on “ONE WAY” lane to destruction , on that lane, you will brake all the Love […]

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Appreciation Matters Alot In A Relationship

SHOW HIM/HER YOU CARE. LITTLE THINGS MATTERS. If you must get the best out of your relationship, then you must learn to appreciate every little gift and sacrifices of Love. If you are a caring friend or lover, you should be able observe little changes in your partners body and lifestyle. For instance, if your […]

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Invest Your All For Your Relationship Success

How Much Have You Invested In Your Relationship? Your Relationship is as good as it’s Output, and this output is controlled and highly influenced by your InputAre you enjoying your Marriage/Relationship Or are you enduring it? , are you proud of your partner and your relationship, can people look up to your marriage/Relationship?. All this […]

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Freedom From Spiritaul Husband/Wife

Deliverance From Spiritual Spouse. This is another powerful weapon from the marine world, against singles. Spiritual husband/wife is one of the root causes of Late Marriage and you must deal with it now, if you ever wish to get married physically. The spirit spouse comes to you through the power of dream to have sexual […]

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