newly wedded couple

Advice for newly wedded couples

MY LITTLE ADVICE FOR NEWLY WEDDED COUPLES. If you have just wedded, congratulations, and welcome to the club.Please take note of the following: 1. You are no longer girl/boy friend, you’re now wife/husband.2. You have made a commitment and you must keep to it(it is no longer an open relationship).3. You’ve made a vow and […]

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10 Early Symptoms Of A “Will Fail” Marriage.

Often Neglected Early Symptoms Of Failure In Marriage. These are the early pointers that your marriage wall will crack in future, if unattended to. Most people often neglect these signs.1. If you fail to agree on almost all issues, something is pretty wrong.2. If you agree on all issues, there is also a problem. (you […]

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12 Vital Questions To Ask Yourself B4 “Yes I Will Marry You”

FOR HER – LADIES FORA“Will You Marry Me”? Is probably the best and greatest news any matured single lady wants to receive. At the same time it’s imperative you consider these VITAL 12 Points before jumping up to grab his proposal. You can always ask for some time to think about it you know. It’s […]

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25 Questions To Ask Before Will You marry Me

FOR HIM, MEN FORUMThis Tips and Advice may be exclusive to true born again Christians. But if you think it’s relevant to you, why not go ahead and apply it to your relationship. Ask yourself these 25 questions before you propose marriage to Her.1. Is she my missing rib?2. Have i found a wife?3. Do […]

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