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How to Join Healthgarde International

To Join HealthGarde International is very simple. Here are the few steps:

Hi! Together We Can! (our slogan)

  • Just select your preferred enrollment Option
  • Fill the Form below
  • Pay for your Starter Package
  • Your Application is processed
  • Package delivered to you
  • And your Consultant details sent to you through email. That is simply how to Join Healthgarde International.
healthgarde starter banner


1A. STARTER PACK: Healthgarde Starter Pack contains all the necessary tools and materials to get you started.
It contains:

Product Guide: products catalogue, description and other information about healthgrade products.
Health Matters: this offers more information on products updates, promotions, offers and reward for each month
Business Guide: information on healthgarde business plan, opportunities and compensation levels can be found here.
Policies and Procedures: the policies, procedures, terms, conditions and acceptable practices in healthgarde international can be found in this pamphlet.
Pen: to show off to your friends that you are part of healthgarde international
Badge: what a better way to promote your business than to put on your business logo wherever you go?
consultant Application Form: this form will collect your personal data.
Products Order Form: To order products.
The Syarter Pack cost N1400 (one thousand and four hundred Naira only)
(B) product worth N4000 (four thousand Naira only) or more.

Minimum total amount to join is N5,400


The business builder kit comes loaded with all the content of the Starter Pack, a bag to carry your products and Business Cards to share with your prospects.
The business starter kit also comes with three (3) healthgarde products (the company decides the products to give you) and it cost just N20,000 ( twenty thousand Naira only).

The business builder kit option helps to get you started very quick and puts your business to a fast track.


This is not an enrollment option, but our team have decided to include this option for those who really mean business and are ready to hit the ground running from the word “go”.

Choosing this option will qualify you for lots of incentives/reward and bonuses. What is means is that you Moving directly to Second Rank, which is Consultant, and you start earning immediately from your direct sale, Personal Sales Volume and Fast Start Products Hampers. See the Healthgarde Compensation Plan for More details here

However; whichever option you opt for, you are welcome to healthgarde international.

Healthgarde Consultant Application Form

Please fill the form accurately, with valid email and phone numbers, submit, make payment for starter option and we will contact you.

5172 is your Sponsor ID
Enter your country
Note: you Last Name is you surname
Number/Street/Town/State/Postal Code. Eg; 5 Business Street, Ikeja, Lagos State. 00011
Please enter active mobile number
Enter valid email address
Select as much as possible
This is where your payment will be sent. Eg; UBA, GTB...
Ensure your account details is same as what you fill on the form
Please note that the money you are paying is for products, only N1400 is for Starter Pack. No registration fee in Healthgarde.


Your success journey in Healthgarde International starts with the tittle; Associate but if you start with our FAST START PACKAGE, you automatically become a CONSULTANT and qualify for immediate bonuses and products hamper.