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Swissgarde supplement RevUp Capsules is a very powerful product that specially made to take care of Lost of Sexual appetite (Libido), Weak Erection and Premature Ejaculation.

The loss of libido (sexual desire) in men and women could be caused by various factors; age stress lack of energy lack of stamina.

Lost of sexual appetite (libido) could also be as side effect of different harmful chemicals, eg. Medicine. Swissgarde Rev-up capsules has proven over the years to be a perfect solution to this condition, due to it’s herbal extracts content.

RevUp Content.

RevUp contains Horny goat weed as it’s main active herbal ingredient content.

Benefits of Swissgarde RevUp Capsules.

1. Libido booster

2. Corrects erectile dysfunction.

3. Serves as anti-ageing

4. Energy booster

5. Stress relief

6. Pain killer

7. Restores full sexual appetite.

8. Restores turgid erection

9. Solution to premature ejaculation.

10. And good for weak erection

So if your wife has been complain of your inability to satisfy her sexually or you as a woman is also unable to cope with your husband’s sex power, you need to order rev-up sexual power booster now.

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CONTAINS: 60 Capsules

Manufacturer: Herbal Garde

NAFDAC Reg. No: A7-0480L


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